23/06/2017 08:08 BST | Updated 23/06/2017 08:08 BST

How Do You Stay Safe In A World Where A Single Tweet Can Cause A Million Reactions?

Think artificial intelligence, easy exposure, communication and socialization, and lots of many other advancements that were made possible by the internet.

These advancements have eased life struggles in more ways than we can imagine. And every aspect of life has all benefitted from this powerful tool. As a matter of fact, the work freedom initiative that is currently being adopted by companies wouldn't have been possible without the internet.

However, like it's said, with everything good comes its bad sides.

Though the benefits of this powerful tool arguably surpass its side effects, it's important to take note of its most common side effects because it can do much more harm than good if used without caution.

Hence, below are 5 safe communication and socialization tips to be mindful of.

1. Watch your privacy and post with care

This might sound quite cliché as a lot has been said and written about the importance of maintaining privacy online. However, quite a number of people never seem to heed to this advice.

Though exposure and publicity are important to thrive in this age, there's a need to watch the data and information you display to the world because these data can be used to haunt you at a later time.

While posting online, it's important to avoid posting things based on the heat of the moment; such contents could be used to manipulate you when you least expect it -- it's no secret that many celebrities have fallen victim to this in the forms of sex scandals, drug scandals and so on.

2. Be smart enough to filter the truth from the lies

Over the internet, a lot gets published on the daily. However, a huge percentage of what gets published online are based on personal opinions and nothing more. Some are even hurtful lies fabricated by individuals who are determined to draw attention at all cost.

While utilizing this platform, scroll through things with an eagle's eye in order to easily filter the truth from the lies, and the real from the fakes.

3. Practice extreme mindfulness

Meeting new people have become much easier -- thanks to the internet. However, over the internet, other than your known friends who "likes, comments and shares" your stuff, there are more friends, or better still, stalkers, you are not aware of.

Imposters, scammers and thieves all fall into this category.

These persons stay abreast of your every move on your social platforms and on the internet as a whole, and whenever there's a little lapse on your part, they never hesitate to strike.

Though numerous platforms have emerged to battle online crimes like identity theft, fraud and so on, it's still very important to be very cautious while giving the public a glimpse into your life as prevention is better than cure.

4. Understand how the internet runs

Body shaming, low self-esteem and depression are some of the major side effects that accompanied the internet.

These effects originate as a result of lack of understanding of how social media and other online lifestyles really work.

Individuals easily place themselves side-by-side with friends and even celebrities, and this often results in extreme depression and discontent with oneself.

The fact, however, is that every individual over these platforms is not so different -- it's no secret that some selfies with a brightly smiling face are posted by sad and depressed individuals.

On the aspect of living the internet life, view the internet as a game and play it the way you best deem fit. On the aspect of securing your data and information, however, treat your online life with as much caution as your offline world, or even more.

5. Stick to positive vibes only

Haters, fakers and so many other individuals with negative energy are everywhere on the internet. Without defining your sole purpose of using the internet, you'll be more prone to run into such persons. And if and when you do, it's quite easy for your mind, body and soul to be infected with their negativity and bad vibes.

Therefore, even over the internet, ensure you walk on safe and secured paths and once again, be extremely conscious and cautious.

In conclusion, the internet is so powerful that if badly approached, can ruin an individual's identity and reputation in the glimpse of an eye. With the above tips, however, you'll learn to use the tool more safely to reap more of its benefits and less harm.