Why The Internet Is The Most Empowering Tool Yet

Hence, when next you are surrounded by facts and analysis on how the internet is decreasing the human attention span and degrading our sense organs, take a step back and imagine what the world would really be like without internet access.

Thanks to the internet, we are currently in a digital age; an age of sharing, retweeting, following, tagging and what not.

It's amazing how the internet affects and facilitates nearly every aspect of modern life. At this rate, doing away with the internet is an unimaginable misery.

Although this dependence on the internet also has it's side effects on the human race, we simply can't disregard the subtle ways the internet is unifying the world and making it much easier for us to live our passion.

All the benefits of the internet can barely fit into a single article. Notwithstanding, below are few ways the internet is empowering us humans of the 21st century.

Career Freedom

"Work freedom," "Work from home," "Earn while you sleep," - these catchy phrases are the trend today.

The internet has filled the world with countless career opportunities -and this makes so true the saying, "there's no better time to succeed than now."

Back then, successful entrepreneurs took on menial jobs, worked tremendously hard in the dark and reached paramount heights before they earned a global recognition. Today, things are a lot easier and people readily attain heights over the internet by simply doing things they love.

An experience worth emphasizing on is that of an entrepreneur Yasir Khan, who started a reputation management company as a side-project to help his colleagues who have had their reputation damaged online.

Not only was Yasir able to discover his purpose, the internet empowered him to pursue it, and he did. Presently, he has grown Reputationenhancer.net to a purpose-driven platform helping people get a clean self-image and also earning himself a decent living -- thanks to the internet.

Personality and Lifestyle Freedom

It's amazing how people freely express their personalities and interact with one another today, both in friendly relations and criticism, over the internet.

From associating with individuals from all corners of the earth, we tend to learn more about the world we live in and the people around us.

Personality differs. Hence, watching individuals freely and fearlessly display their personality will surely make you more confident in your own skin.

For instance, the drive for feminism was ignited in women from watching and learning from successful women who strongly believed in equal rights and acted on it.

The internet is a pathway to not just the world around you, but to a larger world where you'd meet similar minded individuals who'll inspire you to be the best you can be. The internet empowers you to live more intentionally, to live a purpose-driven and a life of no excuses.

Fun and Adventures

For the few people who dream of exploring the world and taking on many adventures but their financial status states otherwise, the internet serves as a medium for them to explore earth locations and other fun activities right from the comfort of their homes.

Though the experience from traveling the world and viewing the world from tech gadgets is sure to differ in a way or two, however, internet exposure still compensates well for those who can't afford the bills.

Rights and Privileges

It's no news that we humans are often deprived of the rights we so deserve. Ever since the birth of the internet, however, human rights aren't easily tampered with - this is basically because of uprise, demonstrations, and protests, such as the women's march which just occurred a while back in Washington, as an anti-Trump protest.

These protests help us stand together, fight for common goals, and see to it that justice is served. Lest we forget, all these protests are made more effective by the Internet.


Gone are the days when only inner cycles were able to learn the skills and crafts we possess. Today, a single tweet, repost or hashtag, and the world will know your name -- just like the teenager who inspired hundreds of thousands of people after she turned her Oxford rejection letter into an amazing piece of art which went viral in no time.

This means of easy publicity has a way of empowering us to be the best we can be, to go the extra mile, and to hack creativity in order the receive the recognition we so desire.

The benefits of the internet and the ways it's empowering the human race are countless and things wouldn't have been any better.

Hence, when next you are surrounded by facts and analysis on how the internet is decreasing the human attention span and degrading our sense organs, take a step back and imagine what the world would really be like without internet access.


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