19/07/2013 09:13 BST | Updated 18/09/2013 06:12 BST

Is Helen Flanagan's 'Gorgeous Baby' Debut Really That Bad?

I think I want to talk about the song first, as this seems to be the one thing people aren't talking about. Heavy guitars, a catchy chorus, slightly odd pronunciation on the word 'baby' and loads of multi-tracked vocals. To me this sounds like a list of attributes common to any pop-rock chart song. After a first listen to the song alone, I'm not sure that the words 'disgusting,' 'awful,' and 'strange,' - which have been banded around the tweet streams - are at all justified, not least because whilst making a second cup of tea I was still singing the song itself.

Then I watched the video, and I couldn't help saying 'oh Helen' to myself. Of course, there are a few things that are a little stale about the video: the attire, the setting, and the seemingly unaccountable lack of budget for someone who's already famous? (Although, I more than most understand that decent videos don't come cheap).

So, what should Helen have done? Instead of bashing her, maybe someone could give her a bit of friendly advice instead. Already being a very beautiful girl, Helen doesn't really need to go to such lengths to produce sex appeal; more clothes and less lip biting would have made a stronger impression. And secondly, the unfortunate combination of the song's focus on gorgeousness and her raunchy video give the impression that she is talking about herself. Mr Neo-K ...

Note: It was at this point in writing that I saw a Tweet from the that informed us all that Helen Flanagan was actually only the: "muse for New Zealand band The Neo-Kalashnikovs", who had asked her to star in the video for their new single.

It was a risky stunt. But the point is: it got people talking. I'm rather pleased then that I focused a little more on the quality of the song, rather than slinging insults via twitter. So, what can we all learn from this? Well, nothing. I'm sure the next time someone arrives on the scene with what appears to be a rubbish video we'll all try and get our two-pence in again. Hooray for entertainment!

Watch the video here: