29/11/2012 07:17 GMT | Updated 27/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Ad Review: Morrisons - For Your Christmas

2012 has been the year of the Super Mum (well, that's the perception that's being channeled). Adverts from P&G (The Best Job), ASDA, Iceland and many more have all served as a platform to paint mothers all over the world as superhuman forces of good. The latest advert from Morrisons (created by DLKW Lowe) also creates this exact picture. From the beginning of the advert we are introduced to the mother's stream of consciousness. Upon this introduction, some viewers may immediately find a direct connection with what is on her mind. This matching of thoughts encourages the viewer to assess their own Christmas plans. Although the commercial is full of surreal imagery it still maintains its connection by presenting real world dilemmas and challenges in a unique way.

In the world of music, popstars are currently fighting for the Christmas No. 1 position. Similarly in ad land, agencies are also fighting for the Christmas No.1 in advertising. With regards to this, I personally think that this advert snatches the title from John Lewis' latest Christmas advert (created by adam&eve/DDB). This is because it has all the right psychographic ingredients of insight, emotion and wit that appeal to the target audience. In addition, the idea of the Christmas spirit is really difficult to capture in a 90 second commercial, but I think DLKW Lowe and Morrisons captured this successfully and presented it in an endearing way. However, the focus on the mother's efforts begs the question....'Where is the help of the father and the children?' Even though the advert delivers its message successfully I still think that it glamourises the idea of the overworked passive domestic mother sheepishly doing her role (I thought it was quite cliché). From a personal viewpoint, I am pretty sure the traditional family framework has changed dramatically since the 1950s. I think that this advert should have explicitly reflected that change. By closely analysing their past and current campaigns I can see that Morrisons were trying to move away from the typical Christmas clichés, but I can see clichés such as the one mentioned still rearing their predictable heads.

Although the advert does have some faults I still think it was well executed in terms of its messaging and aesthetic direction.

Just remember that some of our mothers may be stressed out about Christmas, but at least they can find comfort in the fact that Mother's day is well on its way.