Ad Review: Volkswagen - A Crash Course to Shine

Ad Review: Volkswagen - A Crash Course to Shine

In order to channel a message effectively, sometimes the hard-hitting approach is needed to shake the audience into paying attention. 'A Crash Course To Shine' made by DDB Tribal does just that. The advert starts in the form of a Youtube-type beauty tutorial hosted by Nikkie. I think they used this format because of its relevance and strong influence within the target group of young female drivers. I personally have no interest in make-up, so I was already looking forward to the climax of the advert.

The close-up shots are reminiscent of being up, close and personal to a car mirror. I think it was intended to simulate the familiarity of being a driver. In addition, the sound and dramatic movement jolts the audience out of a trance and follows up with the shocking statistics. I think that this approach strongly communicates to viewers that certain driving habits can easily lead to deadly situations.

When the commercial ended I was quite surprised to find out that it was a Volkswagen campaign, it was something that I expected THINK! (Department of UK Transport dedicated to promoting road safety) to create. I was impressed by the fact that the advert rebelled against the conventional style of automobile adverts. I think the brand used this unconventional style to effectively educate and re-affirm their commitment to the safety of their drivers.

Overall, I think it was a thought-provoking advert that challenged drivers about their habits in a concise and effective way. It also demonstrated just how easily a driving habit can easily lead to a fatal consequence. The advert had a call action, but most importantly it was a wake-up call.


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