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My Alternative Letter to Santa

As a family we've had a tricky twelve months health wise and this Christmas it's made me reassess what is important. So in the spirit of bagging a bargain and getting what I want here is my own letter to Santa.

So here I am jumping on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday band wagon - late as usual. But lately I haven't been thinking too much about what I want to buy or what bargains I might find online.

I don't blame those of you who have been scanning the net for bargains. I too have done this in the past. There are so many shiny new electricals out there vying for your attention - it's hard not to look. When life is ticking along nicely and things are going well it's normal to fixate on material things - these things make us happy after all, even if it's fleeting. A new TV in time for Christmas? Yes please. I mean who doesn't love circling the Radio Times with their festive programme choices (am I showing my age now?). How about a brand new tablet for the kids? Those apps should keep them entertained for a good few hours on Christmas day.

Christmas means lots of things to different people. Those of us who celebrate it take joy in its many wonderful facets. I'm currently enjoying my three year old's sudden recognition of all things festive. He squeals with delight at every decorated tree he encounters and is absolutely fascinated with Father Christmas and his red attire. His biggest concern this week is the fact we don't have a real chimney, 'What will Santa do mummy?' Crikey, I'm not sure actually. Any ideas?

As a family we've had a tricky twelve months health wise and this Christmas it's made me reassess what is important. So in the spirit of bagging a bargain and getting what I want here is my own letter to Santa.

Dear Father Christmas/ Santa/ St Nick,

This year I've decided I don't really want perfume or GHD straighteners or a new pair of pyjamas. I'm not sure a new dress or a pair of boots is going to make me feel as special as it normally does. Even a new pair of earrings or that eternity ring I've been after for ages isn't going to cut it. I think I need a few other things instead so here goes:

1. Time with my family

I spend so much of my life working and paying bills and holding things together so this year I'd like the gift of time. I'd like to stop for a while and enjoy my home. I'd like to talk to my husband about our hopes and dreams instead of chores or work or whose job it is to put the bin out today. I'd like to eat a meal with my family without feeling like I'm in a rush to do the next thing on the list. I'd like to play with my son without letting my mind wander or feeling the need to check my emails. I'd like to go for a relaxing walk on Christmas day and enjoy watching my son kick the leaves and splash in puddles.

2. To make the pain go away

The last few months have been difficult for my husband as he's been in a lot of pain. He's got a rare form of blood cancer and it comes with complications and some nasty surprises. He's been in a whole world of agony and had a cocktail of pain killers. I realise a cure at the moment is a way off but it would be nice if you could make this disappear for a day or two. Just so he can enjoy his turkey and maybe a couple of mince pies in peace.

3. A cure for my husband's health condition

On the subject of health, the best gift you could deliver this year would be a cure for Myelofibrosis. This wouldn't just benefit my husband but could also change the lives of thousands of people all over the world. If this isn't available as a pill then a bone marrow donor would be great.

4. Support to help my son to understand what is happening

As you know who's been naughty or nice, I am guessing you know I have a little boy. He's keen to get lots of presents and enjoy playing with them on Christmas day (did you get his letter?). I'd like something extra special for him too if that's okay. I am so worried about how he's feeling about his dad. I'd like you to tell me what the best thing to say is when I need to. The 'why' moments are happening a lot and I could do with some help to make sure I say the right thing.

5. To live in the moment

Finally, I'd really like it if you could gift me with a more mindful approach to life. Life is so busy sometimes and I've noticed that I tend to think about the past or the future. But what I'd like to do is worry less and focus on what is happening now, in this moment, in this part of my life. I know it's good to plan and have some direction but if you could remind me how to live now that would really help.

I know this list is quite long but I don't think it will cost you very much financially. It will, however, help me and my family to have a great Christmas.

Yours sincerely

Jude x

Fingers crossed he can help me out. #hope.

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