27/02/2017 08:30 GMT | Updated 28/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Nine Tips To Help You Stay Happier And Productive This 2017

As the new year has fully kicked off, it's a given that you have made a list of goals you wish to achieve. Well, that's good. It's all good that you have goals which you plan to channel your energy and time on.

As the new year has fully kicked off, it's a given that you have made a list of goals you wish to achieve. Well, that's good. It's all good that you have goals which you plan to channel your energy and time on.

However, to make your resolutions a reality, it takes more than just making a great list. A key approach, however, is re-engineering your mindset.

Below are 10 effective tips that'll help you to attain a mental balance that'll place you on a pathway to success for your various resolutions this year.

1. Work Hard, Play Harder

Regardless of your hectic career life, never let your social life suffer. Learn to create a healthy work-life balance. Sometimes, the mind boost you'll ever need is experienced from taking a rest and hanging out with your friends.

Work hard in the day. However, when doing so gets tough, never hesitate to take some time off. Just do anything that calms your mind and lifts your spirit and, you'd be amazed how productive you'd be once you resume at work.

2. Sleep sufficiently

The numerous benefits of sleep on the body keep unfolding as top medical experts explore deeper into the human body, releasing several case studies and reports to its benefits. Several sources agree that sleep boosts cognition, aids physical well-being and combats depression.

If you've been depriving your body of sleep in the previous years in order boost your productivity, try a different approach by sleeping more this year.

3. Become a Regular Reader

It doesn't really have to be physical books -- read online -- from blogs, learn new tips and tricks and put them to use. Regular reading keeps the brain in a continuous state of activeness and refreshes the mind. It also help improve your cognitive function.

Also, by being a regular reader, you'd be better positioned to take advantage of the numerous opportunities around you.

4. Explore and Learn

Leave your comfort zone and expand your horizon. Avoid putting all your energy and time on your 9-5 job. Go to new places and try out new things. Meet new people and acquire new skills.

Knowledge is power and nothing learnt is ever a waste. Don't limit your knowledge to your current career or job. Take time to experiment and have a good time. New things happen only when you leave your comfort zone.

5. Exercise Regularly

Physical fitness, mental stability and vitality are all perks of exercising regularly.

Most pleasing, perhaps, is the fact that you do not necessarily have to drive miles away to get to the gym or to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase gym kits in order to enjoy these benefits.

Lots of simple, yet equally helpful activities like yoga, jogging, pushups, stretching and crunches will get you fired up and your productivity will soar up if you practice them consistently.

6. Celebrate every progress

Be happy and celebrate the little progress you make. Achieving a big dream is a gradual process. It won't happen overnight. However, if you celebrate the little accomplishments you make, your drive to carry on will become stronger.

7. Help Others

A simple act of giving or going out of your way to make others happy can give you a boost in confidence. Use the little resources around you to assist others to lead their dream life too and you'd be amazed how happy and productive you'd be afterwards.

Often, material acquisitions do not necessarily bring happiness -- sometimes it's the little things that count.

8. Create Multiple Income sources

Relying on a single income source is out of fashion.

The internet has made creating a side job incredibly easy. Venture into online enterprises like blogging, starting a freelance career and give it your best shot.

Create a form of self dependence and reliance and your side job could gradually turn into a business.

9. Embrace Challenges

Turning your resolutions to reality all boils down to the effort you are willing to put in. Everything comes at a prize and the prize for success is hard work -- no life hack can change this.

However, you must never ignore the power of mental challenges. New trends evolve daily and new opportunities surface themselves. Be willing to embrace new challenges and turn them into opportunities once they arise. Stay in tune with the rapidly changing world and adapt to every trend that proves useful.