15/11/2015 13:19 GMT | Updated 14/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Paris - Be Silent If You Know Not of What You Speak

Written on the 14th November 2015, as Stop the War published an article blaming 'America's allies' for the deaths of 130 French citizens.

The bells of Paris are tolling still, and this is the time for silence.

There are no words for the horror and the sadness of the massacre in Paris.

There are no words for those cut down in their happiness but:

Be honoured.

Be honoured in your youth and your joy and your freedom. Be honoured by the hatred of that which you loved. Be honoured in the determination to destroy the freedoms you held dear. Be honoured.

There are no words for the parents of murdered children at all. There is nothing to say in comfort.

There are choice words for those who look on and respond with self-interest.

There are choice words for those who see death and innocence and read into dawning grief the same messages that they always see. The messages that spell out 'how right you were.'

The opportunists.

Before you fold the deaths of 130 people into your version of the world... For just one night...

Be silent.

If you know not of what you speak. Be silent.

If you have never touched the Holy Lands, and are a sudden expert. Be silent.

If you would say something that you have said before, and take Paris as your evidence. Be silent.

If you would press publish on a tired idea to which you would add a little body and a little blood. Be silent.

Be silent. Be silent. Be silent, and let the parents grieve.

And for those of us who listen in the silence, and the ringing of the bells.

Be strong and let them have the day.

Let the apologists and the ignorant, and those who look at the wars of my childhood and the childhood of the fallen and find responsibility in the votes cast by French parents and American parents and British parents three thousand days ago and more,

Let them win tonight.

Let them speak into silence, and let their voices drain away.

Stay silent for sorrow, and silent for respect, and silent to honour the freedoms of the dead.

Be silent.

We argue for tomorrow.