Threat to Hay on Wye Mark II

15/11/2012 12:29 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 12:29 GMT

After the battering that Tesco's ( oops sorry...the "Supermarket ) got from Hay residents and the quick backtrack by Powys County Council when they realised they couldn't just run roughshod over Hay on wye like they did in Llandindrod Wells ( and yes Tesco's is there and has a detrimental affect on the town as a whole...), another battle now looms in Hay. And loom it will if the plans - already approved by Brecon Beacon National Park - for a telephone mast goes ahead and a tall Eiffel tower is planed right in Hay and bang next to the primary school.

No consultation was made with the town but if you look on the O2 Website there area number of comments put up by Hay Festival goers complaining about a lack of signal. Would it be premature to think this had anything to do with it? Would it be even more presumptuous to think the Festival actually asked for this? These are the rumour circulating Hay and I am just a messenger. The fact is whatever the reason and the conspiracy Hay is going nuts over this and quite rightly so if you believe the literature on phone masts and children's health. Go to twitter @haytogether to read more on this.

The Globe festival have had their license revoked and are going to appeal as I speak. 5 people complained!!!!!!! ( even the local B and R paper though this a total joke) so a major source of income for Hay has been denied to its local shop-keepers. Clever Council!!!!!

I did the mad dash up to London and back this week and met a nice Polish man on the we rumbled into Newport station 2 mins late( as usual ) and had a 3 minute connection he kindly carried my bag and ran up the steps. over the bridge, down the other side and held the train for me ( they now close the doors 40 seconds before "departure" - what a joke). Please Arriva train and First Great Western sort out your timetable and Newport Station Please put the train back to platform 3 so we don't have to do an army assault course to get the connection . GRRRRRRRRRRR!

I am off to parents day tonight...buzzing from my dressage to music practice to my Kraftwerk ensemble ( the Model is great to canter to!!).

Wish me luck in my competition !