21/10/2012 13:06 BST | Updated 18/12/2012 05:12 GMT

No Jacket Required: Statement Sexy Sweaters!

Fashion is all about the statement sweater right now - think Burberry's forest-creature inspired range, Philip Lim's 'Ka-Pow' pop-art design, Kenzo's Tiger and of course, Givenchy's AW11 Rottweiler, which is still doing the rounds. So you may want to know about some seriously hot sweaters to be seen in this Winter, brought to us by a label aptly called, Sexy Sweaters.

Born in 2011, the label began as a Tumblr page which showcased photoshopped images of sweaters with all-over print designs - the Tumblr became so popular that the team behind it, Greta Gibbens (blogger) and Alec Weitl (designer, music producer and DJ), are now designing their first line of real sweaters, some of which were launched on French website, selling out almost as quickly as they appeared.

With nearly 30,000 followers on Facebook already, and no online store as yet, sexy sweaters is the name on everyone's lips right now - that's if you're into something a little kitsch, a little cool and a little crazy. From cats dressed up in various guises, cigarette packets, iconic movie scenes, cult pop culture figures and trippy sci-fi-esque galaxy prints, to my personal fav, the 'Llama Del Rey' design (below) - the sweaters are a fusion of fashion, art, music and anything else you want! In fact, designer Alec actively welcomes ideas from the public for new designs, so if you've got one just bursting to get out of that little creative brain of yours, you can email him directly on

Check out some of the styles below, and for more info on when the products will be officially available to buy, follow their Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.