27/10/2013 20:00 GMT | Updated 27/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Patti Smith, My Mum and Being a Woman in the Music Industry

There's good and bad things about being a woman in the music industry. I think that the media kind of has an obsession with women and an obsession with women in music.

Which can be a really good thing because it can highlight a lot of female talent, but also a negative thing because you can judged a lot on the way that you look and your image.

I feel empowered by being a female musician. I would encourage other girls to get into the music industry because if you can ignore all the negative things it can be really empowering and really fun.

Find out about Kate's inspirational women including her mum and fellow musician Patti Smith plus how she hopes to inspire other women herself by clicking on the video below...