21/12/2012 10:26 GMT | Updated 20/02/2013 05:12 GMT

New Year wishlist with Fabergé


There once lived a princess, a glamorous girl. She loved all fine things like diamonds, emeralds and fur. One winter evening she couldn't resist, London's most beautiful jewels address: Russian by heritage, opulent style, modern upbringing has that brand. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, set in imperial, regal designs. Worthy of princesses, queens and the stars, these jewels light up an incredible spark. Fabergé is the name of that brand.


Whether already a princess or not, whether openly or in secret, we aspire. Jewels are what keeps our inner princess, born in the kingdom of Walt and nurtured by the progress of Technicolor, on track to her land of dreams and inner royal ambition. Without further ado, there is one brand that would make any inner princess instantly happy this year.

Fabergé has always been the pride of the Russian cultural empire and a gem of its heritage crown. An evening at the Grafton Street boutique is an insightful way to discover why. Fabergé jewels are a great inspiration for any wishlist that aspires to intricate and intelligent design, they combine tradition with the new creative direction of Les Treillages - a young and modern at heart pieces that suit the edgier glamour.


Whether a modern princess looking for Russian glam, or a princess looking for intelligent beauty of retro vintage, Fabergé has some stunning designs to delight.


Thanks to the efforts of jewellers, the definition of the royal state of being has shifted from an eternity given by birth to a moment each one of us can purchase and subsequently extend.

On this 2013 New Year's wishlist:

Fabergé jewellery at Grafton Street, Mayfair

Evening gowns (Red and Blue) by Timur Kim

Beautiful scarves designs by Ekaterina Demidova, Wrq.e.d London

Knitwear designs by emerging designer Iulia Filipovskaya for Lana Siberie (featured here wedding dress and knitted turban)

Photography by Alexander Kissel

Beautifully styled by Natasha Coote, founder of Boutiqueathome

Hair by Massimo di Stefano, Ora Salon