04/03/2013 10:16 GMT | Updated 03/05/2013 06:12 BST

One Thousand Years of Russian Literature Comes to London This March


From Pushkin to Pelevin, Dostoevsky to Shishkin, Tolstoy to Bykov - literature has always been Russia's calling card. The stories, insights into human nature, philosophical musings and debates of Russian literature and its writers continue to engage and inspire readers all over the world.

This year SLOVO Russian Literature Festival, organised by Academia Rossica, is returning to London for the 4th time from 5-26 March packed with a programme that ranges from a concert poetry performance to a lecture on 1,000 years of Russian literature.

SLOVO festival presents 25 events in 21 days, opening with a performance by poetry sensation Vera Polozkova. Known for her dramatic poetry readings, often accompanied by a live band, Polozkova has gone from an unknown blogger to an award-winning representative of a new generation of writers. She now brings her unique style to London to entertain and enlighten with her sharp cultural commentary.


One of Russia's literature titans of today, Dmitriy Bykov, will host a number of sold out talks at Macdougalls, Southbank Centre and Waterstones Picadilly.


Professor Ivan Esaulov, a well-known researcher of Russian literature, turns to the world of Gogol to find a the keys to understanding both future literary eras and the past foundations of Russia's great spiritual and literary traditions. As a Russian Dante, Gogol travels through the metaphysical geography of Russian life, culture and history, leaving clues for future travellers. The only question is whether we can now interpret those clues.


The full programme of SLOVO Festival events is a brilliant collection of Russia's brightest minds, people and ideas.

The festival will also include an evening entitled Translating Russia, featuring three of the most eminent translators of Russian who represent three generations of translation talent - Arch Tait, his translation student Hugh Aplin and in turn his student Oliver Ready! This event also marks the launch of an exciting new online resource for translators of Russian literature: The evening will also include the prize-giving ceremony for the annual Rossica Young Translators Award.


And whilst adults are listening to Dmitriy Bykov, Mikhail Shishkin and other titans of the Russian literature, children will get their own chance to delve into the magical world of Russian literature and poetry. Kind, wonderful and fun, the poems by Alla Bashenko will take the form of an interactive reading, with kids taking part, geting prizes and winning for their teams. Educational, fun and nostalgic.


Highly recommended for your cultural calendar in March 2013 in London.