The Rise of the Tech Female Networks in the UK

11/11/2012 12:45 GMT | Updated 08/01/2013 10:12 GMT

British women are doing it all over again. Having won the battle over 100 years ago, their current agenda is yet again a winning ticket. Having spoken to a number of young female and male entrepreneurs and having attended a number of recent tech events, it's official. Being a woman entrepreneur in UK right now is a wonderful gift of our times.

Support networks and friendly environments are springing up weekly to offer 'heads, shoulders, knees or toes' in other words mentorship, confidence support, funding and just general direction. Out goes the myth that women don't help each other, the new tech spirit is of a joint vision of sisterhood.

Admittedly it's young guys starting up, that might need more support than girls, but this is for another blog post. If you are a woman, congratulations, you will have tonnes of love, support and access to the people with big networks. Here is a quick diary of events and organizations to get into the diary and network:

Women in Wireless support the female leaders in tech, mobile and digital media. Their next event on the 15 November is with Cynthia Gordon, Qtel & Marianne Röling, Microsoft. Sponsored by Telefónica & Hosted by Microsoft.

There is The Women 2.0, who feature female entrepreneurs and run regular pitch Founder Friday events.

We are the City, brainchild of Vanessa Vallely, has become the Little Black Book for London's female workforce and offers various interesting propositions for budding female entrepreneurs.

There is a women investment fund Astia committed to growing high profile women led businesses.

The Telegraph has recently launched their Wonder Women section. Admittedly more lifestyle than tech, it still is a great place to compare notes and get the sisterhood spirit from the top female industry leaders like Sophie Cornigh of

The Next Women business magazine and the pitch events they are staging to raise money for female entrepreneurs, get great industry panellists. Highly recommend if you are just thinking of an idea and want good feedback. Their CEO Simon Brummelhuis rocks!

There is the Incito Ventures, an angel platform for female led tech start ups, there is Addiddi - backing woman-focused initiatives and even the Business Angel Investor of the Year in 2011 - Dale Murray, is a woman.

Of course, there is a big disclaimer on every site: 'Both men and women are invited'.

Boys, are you coming or forming clubs of your own?