14/08/2013 13:48 BST | Updated 14/10/2013 06:12 BST

Can the Church of England Please Focus on Religion?

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If you are a white male wanting to enter politics, it seems the fast track system to the top is to claim devotion to the Church of England. Recent evidence suggests the Church now has a license to provide a commentary on all matters; political, environmental and commercial.

Welby's Wonga caused something of a sensation when he announced he was going to compete the filthy profiteering villains out of business with an altogether more worthy system based on a credit union model. Now we hear that this may take ten years to come to fruition due to the 'major skills and much time involved'.

Religion is not known for being particularly fast moving. If you measure time in B.C. and A.D. instead of hours and minutes, competition probably means something quite different in the religious fold than in the private sector.

Today, the Blackburn Diocese of the C of E has waded into the debate on fracking saying that man should not be drawn into temptation to threaten God's glorious creation. Having gone all 'Adam and Eve' on us the church talks about the power of financial gains to lure landowners into making poor decisions. The addition of weighted phrases such as 'unreachable depths' indicates that this is where the Church feels our environmental morals have plummeted.

Despite this posturing, the Church of England has no official position on fracking.

Somehow, the Church of England has also managed to uncover a Book of Europe in their ever expanding bible. Attacking Cameron for exercising opt out of a fiscal union of Europe under Germany's economic command, they demanded a more 'constructive and positive approach'. In religious circles, leaving the EU would be a 'travesty'.

Given the Church was founded on a schism with Rome, on the principle that no European power should exercise sovereignty over its Supreme Governor, the King of England, they have gone well beyond the pulpit on this one.

As a woman I am sure the Church of England would feel content to ignore my views completely. I'd never make Bishop based on chromosomes alone. Taking my background into account, I might not even be allowed through the church door.

But as a business woman, I would ask the Church to stick to the hymns and the prayers. Let the rest of us push forward in the commercial environment we pledged allegiance to when we entered the market.