30/07/2014 09:27 BST | Updated 29/09/2014 06:59 BST

You Can't Be 'Miss England' and Be a Good Mother

Having been Miss England in 2009, and now being a mother I personally feel that the two roles cannot coincide. Until you actually carry out the role of Miss England, you cannot possibly appreciated how much time is spent on the road, travelling from one place, or even country to another - it's all well and good saying but it's your choice etc but it would not be fair on a child to be either left for long periods or constantly travelling. ​

​I'm in the army so used to a high paced constant lifestyle - and even I was exhausted. Would it not be unfair for a mother to win and then realise that the schedule was too demanding, thus having to hand her crown to the runner up.

During my year ​as Miss England ​I moved from hotel to hotel, country to country - it was a exhausting but enjoyable time with long hours. I'm used to being away with my job as a soldier in the army and I couldn't deal with constantly being away from my daughter for the periods I travelled as Miss England.

Miss England is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you win, and you only get that year once, so you have to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. If I had a child when I was Miss England my loyalties would have been torn. Let alone on a Miss World level - for a start my years Miss World finals was six weeks travelling all over South Africa. The eventual winner hardly puts her foot on the ground all year! There are a lot of other competitions girls can enter, but all have rules, some have age rules for example. Rules are in place in any competition, usually to protect and be in entrants best interest.

Miss England is in fact the opportunity of winning a job role - there are many jobs which have boundaries set in place. The rules where there for this girl to see before entry. Not everyone has a bank balance like ​Victoria Beckham. A lot of the Miss England events worldwide are late at night - and you travel alone? ​Is it suggested that if a mother where to win Miss England that they take their children to ​social ​events? If not then the mother would require a huge support network - of people willing to care for their child for very long periods! What if a mother enters who doesn't have this - you cannot allow some mothers but not others to enter. Hence why the rule is there to protect the best interests of those applying. Their are enough competitions out there for this lady to not feel discriminated - other competitions winners don't travel as much hence why they are more suited for mothers. All competitions have rules though and if you don't comply with them you shouldn't enter. I for example cannot be a formula one driver just because I'm female....does that mean I should boycott it?

Katrina Simpson ( NEE HODGE ) is now expecting her 2nd child in September and is mum to daughter Phoenix .​ ​