13/01/2016 08:53 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Tribute to the Legend of David Bowie

Love can travel thousands of miles

Our legend, David Bowie, has passed away and the whole world pine for you.

First of all I would like to thank you for making my childhood so special with your music. I've grown up listening to your sound, picking through every word and phrase that you've written and using your invigorating, unique and mind-blowing fashion style as the canvass for my own style and image. It's fair to say that David Bowie shaped who I am today, without his presence in my life as an impressionable young girl, I would definitely be a different person today - and that would be sad.

You were the first international artist I ever saw live. You came to Oslo, Norway, August 22nd 1990, Jordal Stadium, and I managed to get to the front, so close, nearly able to touch you...I'm sure I was just a blur amongst the thousands of other fans screaming and clambering to touch you, but to me, being in that place at that time, with you just a hand-stretch away was life-changing. From that moment, seeing you there in the flesh, so confident, so full of energy and musical passion, I vowed to never waste a moment of my life. You made each and every one of us fans realise that life should be grabbed with both hands and lived to the maximum. You taught me to express myself for who I am and to always strive to achieve my dream.

China Girl is always singing in my head, through my life, and I know it will continue to sing until the time comes that my own curtain will fall. You have given me and my generation such incredible richness through your music, but also through your performance as an artist. For that I will be forever grateful to you.

You have inspired me as an artist. Thanks to your flamboyance I have dared to be and express who I am, and been proud to look or act a bit different from the norm. I would often go up on the loft and search through my mum's amazing collection of clothes. She was the first Norwegian model for Balmain in Paris, an honor that meant she was constantly bestowed with an endless supply of couture clothing. Clothing that was soon to become my 'Bowie inspired' costumed.

Everyone in Oslo West would wear their 501 jeans and V-jumpers, while I would come in black leather coats, high leather boots, and be named the punk of Oslo.

Musically you have also inspired me so much, and I have found my own path in music. I feel so proud to have seen you live, and to have been inspired by such a big artist as yourself. Your spirit will live on forever with throughout generations of musicians to come. You are a legend.

May you rest in peace.