The World Gave Me Kisses

The World Gave Me Kisses

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it.....since that track my mind has been a buzz with thoughts of how us girls have fun on nights out with our girlfriends. I'm a happily married mum of 4 beautiful children, but when I discussed the concept of that track with my closest friends I discovered that 'kissing a girl and liking it' wasn't so far from the truth. It seems some of us girls just love our mates more than others - and with a cheeky giggle and wink I discovered that it's not uncommon for married women to take a taste of those cherry lips once in a while.

Of course, with me, everything becomes a song, so it was only a matter of time before 'Testify' was conceived. A track about bored married women seeking a deeper friendship with their best mate, 'Testify' came to life when I teamed up with the gorgeous Sugababe, Amelle Berrabah in a snug London studio. I've told you the story of the song in a previous blog, so I won't go into the details of that right here, but what I do want to share with you is the exciting 'kiss' video that we created to partner with the song.

Social media is king these days, nothing new there, so I decided to open up my world of 'Testify' to my fans and anyone out there who felt they had something to add to the song. After all, this track was inspired by the many women that I'd met on my travels across Europe and the Atlantic, so why not give them a slice of this melodic pie. I called on all women out there to send in their 'kiss' videos, just short 5-second snippets of them kissing their best mate. Nothing seedy or dirty, just nice loving kisses that are shared between women of different races and in different places.

The response was phenomenal. Thousands of wonderful kiss-clips flooded through the door. Women kissing their best mate, or pecking their mum on the cheek or maybe young mums snuggling their nose lovingly into the cheek of their newborn daughters. I couldn't believe how much women around the world had embraced the concept that Amelle and I had created in the studio on that cold rainy December day in London. The joy and happiness that each kiss-clip delivered was incredible to watch.

We couldn't include them all in the video, there were just too many to squeeze in, but I dedicate 'Testify' to every woman out there who took the time and love to respond to my social-shout. It's proven to me just how powerful and positive social media can be. Watch this space because K-Syran won't let this social media response end here. Girls of the world hold tight - let's unite on social media and I promise that there's heaps of exciting ideas coming your way!

In the meantime, watch and enjoy the final 'Testify' video which your kiss-clips made possible. Share the love girls!

'Testify' is released on 6 May on Intimacy Records



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