13/05/2015 07:32 BST | Updated 12/05/2016 06:59 BST

Why, When You Lie Online, You Are Only Fooling Yourself

When it comes to internet dating people, these days, seem to make up their own rules and use online dating for a number of different reasons - to find love, sex, friendship or just to dip their toe in the proverbial waters of what they're missing out on (yes, you - married people with no profile pictures, we know you're out there).

Having online dated since time began, it is fair to say that I have had my fair share of both good and bad dates - as a by-product of this I am not someone who expects miracles, far from it in fact, I'm quite happy with half a lager and a packet of salted peanuts these days. I'm well past looking for 'the one' and am pleasantly surprised when we moderately get on, let alone that it leads to anything more.

You could say I'm a pessimistic dater - this can happen to a girl after nearly a decade online.

However, despite this, I've always maintained that on a date, people should remember their manners. Being in the fortunate position of having absolutely no faith in dating whatsoever anymore I don't get disappointed when the person I am meeting isn't exactly what I had imagined them to be, and so make an effort to get to know them, regardless of whether they are or are not one day going to be long-term. (Read: not, as in never, as in more chance of hell freezing over)

Other people? Not so much. Dating is getting lazy, and respect for people you meet online, seemingly, less important. It's a numbers game after all, why bother staying for a drink when you don't fancy a person?

It's a pity. Online dating is exhausting and time consuming, is a couple of hours when a person has gone to the effort of meeting you, really too much to ask?

Saying that, there is something which has become more apparent lately - dishonesty online.

Categorically the one reason I think a person is absolutely within their rights to jump ship on a date.

What's with the lying?

Height is one of the taller tales (boom) that men tell - with 22% of men admitting to lying about inches - Yes, statistically women allegedly prefer tall men and according to a study from the dating site OkCupid, they receive more messages but, unless you're thinking of a pair of wedged brogues or sitting down all evening, it is likely to become apparent that you're fibbing fairly on in the evening,

And where men lie about height, women lie about weight. Naturally a woman's weight is something that fluctuates but 'advertising' yourself (because, let's face it, that's essentially what we are doing) as three stone lighter than you actually are, is dishonest and wrong.

Age, income, job type and title, lifestyle, connections, the list goes on and on.

People see being flexible with the truth online as embellishment rather than lying but actually, at best they are setting themselves up for a fall - raising the expectations of their date only to bring them crashing down in reality, or, at worst, they are outright lying and getting someone to meet them under false pretences - it's dishonest, and undoubtably the worst way to start a relationship meet new people, much less, start a relationship.

Do I think that people should walk away from a date without giving a person a chance? If they're not quite what the expected than no. A little more weight than you thought or not quite the dress sense you thought they'd have, than absolutely have some manners and give that person the opportunity to win you over.

But somebody who has blatantly lied about themselves - in this case, I wouldn't just approve you walking away, I'd encourage it. Dating is about trust, honesty and connection and if a person can't give you that much, before you've even met, then move on to someone who will.