03/07/2017 11:07 BST | Updated 03/07/2017 11:07 BST

Are You Making Things Happen?

Are you making things happen?

Or are you allowing things to happen to you?

How do you deal with the different things that pop up in your life each day?

All too easily we drift along from one day to another without any clear sense of direction.

We respond to a myriad of events that 'happen' to us every day. Sometimes we respond with our subconscious, sometimes we think them through and come up with a considered response.

We have our own choice on how to respond to issues and events. This may be in a positive manner or in a negative way.

But the choice is ours.

Are you dealing with stuff positively and taking control of your life, or are you simply drifting along and allowing things to happen to you?

It's a bit like your life being a car travelling along the road. If you never learnt to drive then you have no control over the speed and direction the car takes. You are a passenger in your own life and your future is being controlled by someone else.

If on the other hand, you are in the driving seat you have control over speed and direction. You have control over your life. You have control over where you go, and when.

There is a midway option of course, where you are in the driving seat but there is someone in the back seat (or passenger seat) giving you orders or instructions on when and where to go, how fast or slow to drive.

However, you must remember it is you that is in the driving seat.

It is you that is holding the steering wheel.

It is you whose feet are on the accelerator, clutch, and brake pedals.

You can choose whether to take notice of the back-seat voice.

And this is the important bit...

Only you have total control over your life!

You may feel at times as if other people are controlling you and what you do. These may be within your friends and family, or it may be your boss at work. But no-one has total control over you. No-one has the right to live your life for you.

Despite how difficult it may seem, you have control over your life and you must take and accept no less than 100% responsibility for your life.

You should not blame others for your situation.

You should not accept what is happening to you if it is not what you want for yourself.

Instead, you should consider your position, where you want to be, how you can get there, and plan your journey.

It's a bit like planning a holiday.

You decide what you want out of your holiday. You decide where you need to go to get what you want. You then plan how you will achieve it.

Booking days off work. Booking the pets into kennels or cattery. Looking at the map to work out the route for your journey (or rather Google Maps and getting Google to plan your route).

Why should your life be any different?

It is the most important thing to you. And time is being lost never to be regained, if you are allowing your life to drift by, to coast in neutral.

If you are back in the car and just coasting then you will gradually slow down to walking pace, and eventually, stop. If you reach an incline (a challenge in real life) you will slow down more rapidly and having stopped may even start to roll backwards.

Please take control of your life.

Please get back in the driving seat, switch on the ignition, engage gear, and start moving forward.

It really doesn't matter how quickly you are moving forward, it is just important that you are moving forward. You have taken control back of your life and can choose just how quickly you want to move forward, and where that may be, and when.

Don't allow others to control your life.

Take control and look forward to your future.

Now, this may not seem easy but I assure you that when you take control back of your life and the direction you are heading, you will feel so much better.

You may have to dig deep. Take some tough decisions. Remove some negative influences from your life.

Stop listening to those that have been trying to control you.

They may feel aggrieved, but it is your life and not theirs. They have their own lives to lead and cannot lead them through your life!

When you have taken back control of your life and you start ensuring that what happens is because it's what you made happen, then your outlook will change.

You will feel more positive about your life.

You will feel more capable, more empowered.

And you will realise that the things you worried about never happened. It was all a whole lot easier to achieve that you thought from the other side of the decision.

Go ahead and do it, there is only ever one NOW.