03/04/2017 08:25 BST | Updated 04/04/2018 06:12 BST

Do You Walk On The Sunny Side Of The Street?

It's a beautifully sunny late morning in April. As you walk down the main shopping street you realise one side is in brilliant sunshine while the other is in the shade.

Which side do you choose to walk on?

If you walk on the sunny side you'll be bathed in warm soothing, energising, sunshine. But will you be too hot? Do you have your sunglasses with you? Is the glare too much for you?

On the shady side of the street you'll not be troubled by the glare. You may find it chilly. How do you feel about missing out on the warmth of the sun?

I wrote an e-book recently about turning negatives into positives and talked about the difference between a "glass half full" and a "glass half empty" mindset. So, is your decision whether to walk on the sunny side or the shaded side another variation of positive and negative thinking?

Are you more likely to walk on the sunny side if you feel good about yourself? If you feel confident and at one with the world are you more likely to choose the sunny side?

If you are feeling a little down, ill at ease, not in a good place, are you more likely to walk on the shady side?

All of this is simply a state of mind. Whether you choose to walk on the sunny side or the shaded side one thing is common - the sun is still shining!

No matter where we are, no matter what our state of mind, if we raise ourselves high enough - the sun is always shining!

Glass half full v glass half empty? Sunny side of the street v shady side of the street? The choice is yours. Every one of us has free choice to decide how we will respond to external stimuli. The way we react to what happens to us is in our own hands, in our own mindset.

If we choose to react in a negative way, then that negative mindset will have an impact on everything we do, and with every interaction we have with others. If, on the other hand, we choose to respond in a positive manner we are more likely to experience positive responses from others.

Whether you choose to walk on the sunny side of the street, or on the shaded side, is a positive choice whichever you choose.

You may have very positive reasons to walk on the shaded side. It may simply be that the shops on that side are better!

What's important in this choice and any other choices you make, is you take full responsibility for those choices! Think about the positives. Think about the reasons why you choose to respond in the way you do, and ensure they are positive reasons.

Take control of every situation and focus on the positive responses you make. Don't allow others to force you into decisions you are not comfortable with. Instead of settling for what is, fight for what you want!

In a recent TV show in UK the fictional period detective, Sherlock Holmes, said "Watson, it is as it is!"

Yes, the circumstances are set, you cannot change them, but you have total control over the way you respond to those circumstances.

The more often you work toward positive responses, the easier it will become.

In time, you will almost invariably respond positively by second nature and you'll feel much more at ease with your life....