23/01/2013 09:16 GMT | Updated 24/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Celebrity Big Brother Blog: Don't Hate the Players

Speidi, The Pratts, Spencer and Heidi, the conjoined couple. Call them what you will, but this pair are reality TV gold, and throwing them in to the Celebrity Big Brother house was sheer genius. Since day one they have admitted they do not really like people, that they want to win, and that they want to be informed if any of their housemates ever enter America.

While watching the show with my friends, they all say the same thing about Speidi; "why are they there if they aren't going to get on with everyone else and join in the tasks?" Now I would love to see Spencer dressed as the Statue of Liberty just as much as the next person, but the fact that they are rebelling and playing the game better than any celebrity contestant has ever even attempted, more than makes up for the lack of fancy dress and fun.

Do I think this kooky couple are actual bullies? no; even though they denied Clare from Steps her letter from home, then clapped and laughed about it. The nature of the show itself is one big game, and we all remember the first ever show on Channel 4, which saw Nasty Nick rake in the viewers as he was caught writing down nominations. Since then I have yet to see a baddie crop up among the wannabe glamour models, good looking geezers and fame hungry failures.

Speidi have admitted they would do reality TV until the very end; after all it is where they began on the hit show The Hills. I don't think any of their fellow housemates have seen the show, and if they had then the shock realisation that this royal reality couple are all about themselves, wouldn't be that much of a shock at all. During the series, which ran over six seasons and ended in 2010, Spencer broke up the rock solid friendship of Heidi and Lauren, while also spreading a false sex tape rumour about the poor girl, and also drove her Mum, sister and anyone close to Heidi completely out of her life. So seeing him cook up plans to win and put down his fellow housemates is his way of being nice; scary stuff.

Big Brother knew they wanted to cause a rift between Speidi and the rest of the house, which is why they chose to show them bad mouthing the housemates in the blogger task (erm where was my invite guys?) as everything was going so nice and the air had been cleared. It seems peace, harmony, laughter and people getting on makes for boring TV...

Do I think they will win? No. Would I like them to win? No. But I would like to see them in the final two with Rylan, as the awkward silence and fake hugs would be better than his X Factor performances and Christmas come at once.