10/02/2013 16:02 GMT | Updated 01/04/2014 09:59 BST

Maison 2013: Interior Trends to Watch Out for This Year

I recently published my top trends for 2013 on my blog, and having returned from Maison & Objet, the fabulous bi-annual design trade show held in Paris, I want to share a few of the great styles I feel are worth keeping an eye out for this coming year.

There was not just one trend as it could be seen before, not the usual colour combination that you can find on all stands and brands (like the splash of red ten years ago, or the combination yellow and grey that was everywhere two years ago).

Everything is more blended and for the better. It may sound weird but as we are in the middle of a non-era, every creator plays it in the way they see the actual world. Four to five years ago, fashion and interior design were back for a short period of time to a very austere look as it was the crisis, a lot of black, a lot of basics.

The funny part is that every brand was back to their roots as it was reassuring, a lot of storytelling. It seems that everyone is playing with vintage, earthy stuff and some glamorous touches like studs, gold and crystals.

There is a baroque minimalism about it all, a significant trend we will see this year. To me, it means a modern interior with baroque style features such as oversized murals and raw textures. Lighting, a crucial element in any design, will also play an important part in this trend and this will be very sharp.

Retro and vintage inspired furniture will continue to be a trend this year with mixed finishes being a big focus, so old reclaimed wood mixed with modern lacquer shades charcoal and grey. I am personally focusing on charcoal lacquered finishes in my new furniture collection. Soft leathers mixed with hard metal and wood for a softer finish on shelves, tables and chairs

This was beautifully reflected at Maison. I saw interesting materials being mixed with each other, such as cork and marble and brass. The use of texture gives a richness to design, light coloured timbers such as oak were prominent, as were rusty brown leathers.

During the cold wintry months, texture plays such an important part in our lives especially earlier in the year when people strip down the house from all the Christmas decorations. As the euphoria of the festive period is over and people are feeling a bit blue over these next couple of months, it will help to extend that cosy feeling.

In fact, this is the perfect time to spend a little bit of money in new throws, bedding, and cushion covers. Textured pieces I love this season include sheep skin throws on the floor, cashmere covers for hot water bottles and items with mixed textures such as satin mixed with wool or linen mixed with boiled wool.

I saw lots of bold geometric patterns and prints at Maison, in everything from products to curtains. Ikat design particularly is going to be even bigger this year. We will see a lot of traditional fabrics, in neutral colours, great rugs with large bold stripes with the added sharpness of ikat design giving it a Middle Eastern feel.

The beauty of ikat is that it gives a room sharp spurts of colour in a neutral base; it gives the space a sense of identity and character and can be made to suit an individual's personal taste. I recently discovered Madeleine Weinrib - her work is fantastic! Ikat is great for the end of winter when you are transitioning into a new season.

Finally, my top colours for 2013 include charcoal, mouse, white, black and different shades of grey. I am forever a love of neutrals, I believe when designing a living space it is the people who can add and ignite their own colour. I was delighted to see a lot of white presented this year, as well as a significance of monochrome. Black metal with clear or smoked glass was a big trend at Maison, as were Vitrine and furniture pieces with glass doors.

Throughout the recession, which continues to hold a grip on most countries, consumers are looking for long lasting design that is going to stand the test of time. People want style with simplicity, but it has to feel personal to them. With brands reverting back to their roots, it seems that everyone is playing with vintage, earthy pieces, and design reflects an optimism and showing that the healthy time is on its way back.