09/09/2013 13:27 BST | Updated 09/11/2013 05:12 GMT

My Top Five Business Mantras

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is a life changing decision. They say that that business shouldn't be personal, but what happens when it is your business? Starting your own business is a personal journey you take that makes you question who you are and what you are doing it for. We all question out decisions and tend to overthink our intentions, but I believe that if you follow these five mantras, you can achieve great things for you and your business:

1. Just Do It

Don't over-analyse - sometimes it is better to jump in feet first. To be honest, I barely knew what I was doing when I began aged 16 - but I hired a builder and curtain-makers and just got on with it. I always had belief and vision.

2. Love What You Do

Let passion drive you to success. If you don't love your business, it's the wrong business. And unless you have love and passion for what you do, how will you cope when life throws obstacles at you - which it surely will? From the very start, think massive. The sky is the limit - plan big, visualise big, dream big. Believe what your heart tells you. Success in business is a chemical feeling right inside - this is how to capture that buzz.

3. Get In Touch With Your Gut

We are all energy - how you inter-act with someone else is a question of energetic frequencies. This is important when you meet a new client or are networking for new business opportunities. If you have an instinct that something is right or wrong, trust that instinct. Learn to acknowledge how powerful your gut feelings are.

4. Focus, Focus, Focus

Think about who you really are. Set business goals which map out your future. Use your mind, energy, drive and talent to achieve them. I always focus on the end result, visualising all these properties designed and finished. I never give myself time to think about failure. The fact is that if you visualise the end result as successful, it almost certainly will be. Imagine what it feels like and looks like - the excitement of achieving it will drive your forward.

5. Harness Your Inner Belief

Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle to success. Never be afraid to say, 'I am good', and never doubt your ability to succeed. I believed success and wealth was mine before they ever arrived. I held them in my hands before I had them. Learn to lead and to cope with the loneliness of leadership.