12/06/2013 07:27 BST | Updated 11/08/2013 06:12 BST

Life Water: Helping Hydrate Those Most in Need

As temperatures heat up this week we're finally beginning to enjoy what we've all been longing for. At long last they are here: The long warm days of summer. We may be feeling like we've waited a lifetime (after the worst Spring in years!), but now is the time to embrace the sunshine and the inspiration it can bring.

During summer, everything seems more vibrant, hopeful and liberating. It lifts the mood. Work or play, we are all making the most of the summer days. As the temperatures rise and our energy levels boost it is more vital than ever we refuel our body and minds to keep inspiration flowing.

That's where hydration comes in. After all, it makes up more than half of our body weight and every organ in the body needs water to function! At KHI, hydration is key to keeping us all going, and we are dedicated drinkers of Life Water.

100% Carbon-neutral, bottled at certified organic sources, and never exported overseas, Life Water is the brainchild of Simon Konecki & Lucas White. Both friends of mine and exceptional eco-entrepreneurs, Simon & Lucas are making a difference with Life Water every day. Each bottle sold provides up to 1000 litres of clean, safe drinking water alone to those who need it most in the developing world.

By drinking locally produced water, such as Life Water, we reduce costs and really help those in need, working towards making our planet a cleaner, healthier, happier place. It's easy to take for granted our water sources, but the statistics surrounding our global water crisis really are staggering.

Life without clean water is a daily reality for over 768 million people - that is roughly one in ten of the world's population! ( The statistics surrounding fatalities caused from unsafe water sources are even more overwhelming. This is a crisis we simply cannot ignore.

By drinking and supporting Life Water, you too can help make the vital steps needed to help conquer this. Simply switching your water of choice to Life Water you are helping bring clean drinking water to those in need. Bottled at a certified organic source and travelling short distances from shop to shelf, Life Water provide Britain with the ethical choice in water.

Please do join me today in staying hydrated this Summer the smart way.

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