Involve Mo Farah and Somalia Will be Gold

05/08/2012 16:19 BST | Updated 05/10/2012 10:12 BST

Just like most people across UK and all over the world, I have been glued to the TV set every evening to catch the London 2012 Olympics highlights and watch evening Olympic sports. My friend Stephanie posted on her face book message that her 2 year old daughter seems to be loving basketball. No doubt 2012 Olympics is inspiring a generation.

The Super Saturday as BBC called it was exceptional. The whole day I was waiting to watch and cheer Mo Farah a Somalia born athlete who moved to UK when he was 8 years and runs for Great Britain Mo didn't only disappoint the Super Saturday by winning the 10,000 meters final but he also defeated the likes of double world record holder Ethiopian, Kenenisa Bekele. Needless to say the race also included Kenyans who are known for winning long distance races. Mo Farah's win shows that anything is possible through hard work, patient and believing in oneself. This win will inspire both young and old to keep on trying and be focused on their goals. Mo's win even showed that BBC commentary team have emotions and can celebrate without reservations.

On twitter, it was reported that there were celebrations in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia. Even though Mo Farah runs for team GB, he is still celebrated in Somalia and he does a lot of charity both in Somalia and UK through Mo Foundation. The Foundation feeds thousands left hungry by famine and also works with young Somalia refugees in UK. So, why not use this man in Somalia talks? How can the world involve him in Somalia peace?

Mo Farah foundation: He already has an avenue where he works with Somalia people. Those bodies and individuals who are involved in Somalia talks can partner with this foundation and build up on its work. People like to identify themselves with their own and MO Foundation is seen in Somalia as not just a charity that is 'doing good' but a body that is concerned and cares for its people.

Talks with the government and rebels; Watching Mo's interviews, he comes across as an intelligent eloquent man who has passion in what he does. This man can inspire and accomplish what many people have tried to do in Somalia and failed. Many politicians always want to be seen as standing with the people. Mo Farah represents people; Majority of Somalians identify and share Mo Farah's story. Remember Somalia sees him as one of hers not an imposing outsider.

Talks with young people; Many Somalianss who are in the front line are young people who have been brain washed and being used by terrorist branded group Al shabaab. These youths have given up hope and they believe there is nothing to loose. Majority are unemployed, languishing in poverty and not educated. Mo can inspire this generation. Creating a platform where Mo Farah sharing his story to inspire young Somalians can be a huge step forward in transforming Somalia. Humans connect to humans and sharing experiences can transform lives. Remember they see Mo Farah as their own.

There has been several international conferences talking about peace in Somalia and plight of her citizens with the last one being held in London. Somalia people want peace. They want to build their lives, want their children to go school and prosper. During these talks, this popular athlete's name is never mentioned. Didier Drogba, former Chelsea and Ivory Coast football captain was very instrumental in his country's peace deal. He is not only adored for his football talent, but also for giving back to his community and because of this he was named as one of the 11 members of Ivory Coast's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The world is celebrating Mo Farah's achievement. I am very lucky to be using this platform not only to congratulate him but to celebrate with him for he has lived to re-affirm London 2012 motto, 'to inspire a generation.'