19/05/2014 10:43 BST | Updated 16/07/2014 06:59 BST

Letter To Fifa President

Dear Sepp Blatter,

My name is Kevin Anyango and I am a big football fun, I play the sport twice a week. I was born and brought up in Kenya. When I was growing up, I contributed to MYSA Programmes by coaching children under 10 who participated in the tournament. I worked with Joel Lule. In Kenya, I am huge fun of Tusker FC I also follow Chelsea in English Premier League.

I am a very disappointed fun, and I feel let down especially with relation to World Cup 2022 confusion. Just like majority of football funs, I believe money played part and the precise country was denied a chance to host the most popular tournament it the world.

Football is not just about scoring goals and winning trophies. In my profession and where I come from, we use Football: to teach life skills, for behaviour change and to spread good morals. We use football to give girls a chance to live their dreams. Have you heard of Street Child World Cup?

I believe in power of football. This is why I work for organisation that support's people like Grassroot soccer, Right to Play, Magic Bus amongst others. But, you and your team are putting this good work into hostage.

How do we expect sport to be clean if the governing body are not leading from front? You did say, In life, people make a lot of mistakes But in ideal world, people own up to their shortcomings. Actually, honourable people would step down.

Look, I know you are very busy and you may never read this. But I am optimistic. With a background like mine, one needs hope and that is why I am hopeful that one day we shall live to the power of sport.

I do wish you best of luck with World Cup 2022 in Qatar.