Twitter, Revolution Tool for the 'Small Person' in Kenya

20/02/2012 15:35 GMT | Updated 21/04/2012 10:12 BST

Kenya is known for its classic safaris and her hospitality to tourists and guests. It is well documented that Kenya is a friendly nation. However, her customer care to her own people has always been wanting and big corporate have never treated their customers with due admiration.

Long queues are always seen outside government buildings, banks and other customer care desks and most of the time, the 'small person' also known as the customer always leaves the queue unhappy, frustrated and cursing. Did I mention long queues in hospitals as well?

But, eureka!!! Cry not 'small person' twitter is here. In Kenya, there is '#TwitterBigStick', a hash tag that accent bad service and bad behaviour by organizations. This hash tag has been created by Kenyan motivation speaker and business consultant Sunny Bindra. Twitter is no longer just for celebrities announcing their new song videos and where they are hanging out or where and whom they are having dinner with.

Twitter has been grabbed by 'small persons' in Kenya and they are using this platform to report unwanted services, poor customer care and traffic offenders. This hash tag has given 'small person' the voice and power that has never been witnessed before and it is supported by popular journalists and other community leaders.

Big businesses whom have smelled the coffee have hurriedly signed into twitter account and they are interacting with the 'small person.' They are responding to queries quickly and they are more aware that their survival depends on the 'small persons.' These young, enlightened and jobless 'small persons' spent most of their time on internet and can be found at twitter in that matter. Chief executives whom have noticed this new revolution have twitter accounts and are engaging in this platform with their customers in a way that has never been witnessed before. They are no longer sitting down at their furnished offices reading newspapers but they are monitoring what people say about their brand.Noticable frequent users are Safaricom (mobile service provider) chief executive and the new Kenyan chief justice whois trying to make the justice system accessible to the 'small person.'

Bad roads used by careless speeding drivers and corruption amongst traffic police have always exacerbated pathetic and sorry situations on the Kenyan highways. But soon this will be forgotten news as #Twitterbigstick is the new inspector of roads. Careless drivers and their cars, unfinished roads have seen their names tagged along #TwitterBisStick. The hash tag have reported not only local drivers but also diplomats whom for some unknown reasons, have always assumed that traffic rules do not apply to them especially at country of posting. Well, #TwitterBigStick is happy to be chief whip.

The hash tag has crossed borders and citizens in Uganda and Rwanda have joined the revolution. It is more real in Rwanda especially as her president is a frequent twitter user and he will definitely pick up any concerns of the 'small people.'

Not every Kenyan politician have embraced and sign into twitter but it won't be long as they will need votes from 'small people' come the end of this year and big rallies will only take place at 'ground twitter.'

The #TwitterBigStick revolution is here and it is spreading so fast, the power is going back to the 'small person.'