'Wall Street Movement' is the new Virus Spreading

17/10/2011 10:45 BST | Updated 16/12/2011 10:12 GMT

This year can already be referred to as year of protesters!! Results of these demonstrations have seen people losing their lives, anarchy regimes broken down and on some sad instances, people's businesses getting burnt down. The remarkable fact is that citizens have realised how powerful they are and even women are showing their resilience characteristics particularly in Middle East. Whether governments of the day like it or not, citizens have been empowered and they are exercising what they call their 'rights.'

These demonstrations have been like virus, and scientists are yet to find anti-biotic to contain them. The virus is spreading, and spreading so first and wide.

The new virus spreading around now is 'Wall Street Movement.' It started in New York and within a span of 3 days, countries in Asia and within Europe saw people on the streets demonstrating; Some of the protesters lamented how fed up they are with economic inequalities, selfish politicians and lack of jobs.

One of my friends here in London asked me if this 'Anti-Wall Street' virus will catch any of African countries. I smiled before answering this question that I thought was asked on a condescending manner. Actually I did tell him that this virus had already caught Africa. The only 'problem' is that in most countries in Africa, we have 'good doctors.' These doctors are led by a well known scientist called Dr. OpReg. The unusual fixation is that this leading doctor has been given powers by the citizens themselves, he is treated like 'god' and he can diagnose any form of 'virus' within minutes. For the sake of those who don't know, I am taking about Dr. 'Oppressing Regime' in African countries.

Many African countries have seen prices of common goods sky rocketing, no jobs, and citizens have moved from surviving to irking a living. It is tough out there!!!

The 'Wall Street' virus has already caught Africa. For instance in Uganda, opposition organised a demonstration in the name of 'walking to work.' But it didn't go far due to the presence of Dr. OpReg. In Malawi, more than 18 people died in July this year on a supposedly to be peaceful nation wide anti government protest. Last but not least, Angola's Dr. OpReg arrested journalists and officials of human rights group on the eve of anti government protest on economic crisis in the country. Kenya, my home country have seen chanting of 'unga!unga!unga!'(Cooking flour) on public gatherings.

But the time for this Dr. OpReg is running out. He needs to dialogue with citizens, rather than spraying them with tear gas and water canon. The world is witnessing worst economic crisis in decades and it is a trying and challenging times to be a leader. But the crisis will never be solved by tear gas. Perhaps safe to say protesting either might not be the answer!!!