20/10/2014 09:07 BST | Updated 18/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Seven Signs to See If She Likes You


Kezia Noble, Dating Coach from London.

(Photo supplied by Kezia Noble)

1. She hovers.

If a woman is orbiting your space continuously, for no good reason other than to be near you, then take advantage of this! Women who don't want to be approached by a certain man will not make themselves available. We have many ways to avoid certain men, but when we like a guy, we always do our best to make the 'approach' as easy for him as possible.

2. She fills up awkward silences.

If we are not interested in a guy we are talking to, we will use awkward silences and dead ends in conversations as opportunities to make our polite excuses and leave. However, if you can see us making a clear effort to keep the conversation stimulating and flowing, then take this as a hint that we are enjoying being with you to the extent that we are prepared to invest energy into the interaction.

3. She enjoys it when you're very close to her.

We can't stand men who we are not interested in, coming to close into our personal space. We usually make an exaggerated gesture, such as leaning back or putting our glass of wine between ourselves and him in order to protect our personal space. However, if we let you play with our hair, or allow and even smile when your face comes extremely close to ours, then there's a chance we are interested.

4. She responds to all your texts with long texts.

One word replies in texts are an indicator that we can't be bothered to get into any kind of text-dialogue, however if our text messages are longer than yours, and filled with questions, boasts or kisses, then make sure you strike whist the iron is hot by securing that follow up date with her as soon as possible.

5. She uses jealousy plot lines.

When we start flirting with other guys in front of you or boast about certain male attention, then this is usually because we want to provoke you in to taking action or prove your interest in us by reacting with jealousy. Obviously, you don't want to give her the satisfaction, but just make sure you make a mental note of this behaviour, and understand her motive, rather than letting it effect your mind set and goal plan.

6. She qualifies herself to you.

If she starts feeling compelled to explain herself to in regards to her opinions or lifestyle choices as if she needs to prove something to you, then you can take this as a hint that she's very keen to make a good impression and earn your validation. You can test this out by deliberately challenging her or by simply sharing an opposing opinion.

7. She follows your lead

If she follows your suggestions, such as going to the smoking area, or somewhere quiet to sit down ,and lets you take her hand whilst you confidently lead her to the dance floor ( even if she doesn't usually like dancing) then this can be considered a clear indicator of interest.