09/09/2014 11:06 BST | Updated 08/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Why Short Men Should Read This

Al Pacino

Tom Cruise

Robert Downey Jr

Simon Cowell

Each one is shorter than the 'average man' and they have never allowed their height to determine their success with women!


(photo supplied by Kezia Noble)

In my experience, my clients who are on the shorter side ( under 5 ft 6 ) often blame their height for their lack of success with women. They believe that if they were just a few inches taller, they would have an abundance of beautiful women in their lives.

You would think that by revealing to them the fact that most of my clients who struggle to attract women are of average to above average height would give them the logical contention to their limiting beliefs, however, it's not enough to persuade or convince them out of their deeply ingrained negative belief system that fuels the notion that being short is the ultimate reason for their failure to attract women.


When I send my shorter clients infield to speak to women, I tell them to either ignore their height completely and be completely focused on conveying the more positive aspects of their character, whther it be the fact that they are high achievers, or possess wit, or have a remarkably contagious sense of humour, whatever the attributes are, they need to comepletely overshadow the supposed drawbacks.



I tell them to OWN the feature that they have stubbornly decided to be a drawback, which serves to empower them and release them from the awkwardness of the 'elephant in the room' scenario.

There are many short-people jokes out there, and by actually sharing them with the girl you are talking to in a playful way, will make her see you are totally confident in your appearance and have a good sense of humour which will as a result, encourage her to make fun of her own flaws too.

If you know any man who blames his height on his failure with women, show him this article, and if you happen to be a man on the shorter side of average... go out and conquer like Napolen did (without all the nasty parts of his character of course)