'Believe, And You Will Achieve'

It has almost been one year since I launched the World Youth Organization at Portcullis House, Westminster and what a year it has been, for all of us here!

It has almost been one year since I launched the World Youth Organization at Portcullis House, Westminster and what a year it has been, for all of us here!

From registering formally as a charity in January, then launching our first International Women's Day Summit to performing at Britain's busiest train station raising awareness of International Youth Day, jetting off to Berlin attending the World Peace Congress and now planning WYO Educate a nationwide program giving out workshops on mental health and sex education to year 10s and 11s. We have been very busy indeed and recently we have even decided to open our first charity shop in Romford, Essex which will offer work experience for local students and raise money for the World Youth Organization.

2016 has been crazy.

The last 12 months have been emotionally hard personally and professionally, from splitting with my boyfriend to then the constant heavy workload which running a charity involves, but something I'd like to point out is that this year has been an enormous learning curve, I feel this single year has educated me so much my age has almost doubled. With the job I have, it holds many responsibilities. Not many 18 year olds this time of year have to write annual reports and file audits to the Charity Commission.

As a start-up charity or business, you will always find yourself doing every job under the sun this for me includes marketing, finance, legal, research, websites, social media etc. I can't quite tell you everything, as we'd be here for a while. Without my team at the charity I doubt very much I'd still be standing. From the press team, social media department to my chief advisor and trustee board, thank you everyone for your continuous support, not just in our work capacity but as friends and family.

This year has been bumpy, not for the organisation but myself. Coming out of a 9 month relationship may seem petty to get upset over but a lot happened during that time, for starters I came out officially to all my family and friends. This was a huge step for me, but boy it felt good. Relationships can really suck (sometimes) but it's important to carry on, forget about them and find someone (a lot) better.

Moving on...

2017! What a year ahead. I am very excited to be celebrating the charity's one year anniversary on the 11th January to then shortly follow the opening of our second hand shop in Romford, Essex. Furthering from that excitement the World Youth Organization will then be launching WYO Educate to England and Wales.

A packed year once again.

This year I have made many new awesome friends, travelled and explored the unknown and learnt a lot about people and myself too. Am I glad it's over? Yes, it's time for a new year, a new beginning and a fresh start. Have I enjoyed 2016... that question is tough to answer in one word but I can safely say that I have shared some great unforgettable times with people I generally care and love.

When committing yourself to a passion, never give in. If you believe, you will achieve.


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