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Beautiful Movements


I produced a dance/fitness video for Monster Headphones.

I booked a new show with Channel 4 doing winter sports.

I started planning my wedding!

Oh! and my Cosmetics range @BMCosmetics was a finalist in the Beauty magazine awards! Yay!


I continue doing my part to slay the Dragons of Mediocrity by being proactive.

I concentrate my energy and thoughts on what I'm passionate about and try my best to help others along the way.

I create opportunities for dancers while mentoring them along their journey.

I wake up each morning, I get out of bed, and chase after my dreams.

Welcome to my Second Blog Post. This week I've decided to dive into a topic of discussion I am most passionate about, Positive Change. I am enthralled with the fact that I am living in a generation of technological togetherness. Having the ability to connect with the world through social media has opened up a World of Possibilities. Having knowledge at the touch of a button allows me to learn, discover, and seek inspiration.

Two people in particular have my attention at the moment :

Russell Brand

Russell Brand VS Jeremy Paxman

Robert Webb

I'm not as articulate as Russell Brand or as politically correct as Robert Webb but I am just as passionate about needing positive change in this World. The fact that people like them are speaking up and speaking out gives me hope.

Similarly to Russell Brand, I too have never voted. I decided not to vote when I was about seven years old when I learned about Electoral Colleges at my school in small town middle America.

This is Why:

Our President and Vice President of the United States are not elected directly by the voters. They are elected by "electors" who are chosen by popular vote on a state-by-state basis. The 'electors' don't have to abide by the people's vote. The votes go to these electoral colleges and they then have the power to overturn that vote to suit their own interests:

Electoral College

I believe the 'System' needs an update. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, I might even love Britain more! But one thing I do know is that it's time for the people to have a voice. Fighting over our natural resources, spending trillions on weapons, terrorism, and war don't promote the things I'm passionate about.

Every time a candidate preaches change and peace the exact opposite takes place almost immediately after the election. I want the money and attention that's put into weapons, bombs, and fighting to be focused on the greater good. My opinion of the greater good starts with our seas, our food, our waste and outer space.

The system that this world is based upon is built on fear and intimidation and that scares me. The oil business scares me. Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies scare me.

Goods made in mass quantities scare me. Natural disasters scare me and the way the media

portrays these things is what leaves me feeling this way.

So instead of living in fear, I focus on doing my part and take responsibility for the positive actions I can make in my life:

Signing the Greenpeace treaty for the peaceful protestors in the Arctic that were thrown in

a Russian Prison

Creating the Celebrity Wardrobe Program with EJF (Environmental Justice Foundation)

Helping the BUAV pass the EU ban to end animal testing for cosmetics

Plus - I do my part in making conscience decisions as an Entrepreneur. My Beautiful Movements

Cosmetics line is cruelty free, natural, PETA and BUAV approved.

I'm not perfect. I am constantly learning and evolving but I can acknowledge my gravitation toward finding ways to live as efficient and sustainable as possible. Eco-conscience work is in the choices we make in our every day life and the only way I can inspire that change is to try to be part of the solution in this life here and now.

I have lot's of room for improvement but ultimately I want change too!


The gorgeous fitness range featured in the new Hunger Games film, Girl on Fire.

The creative director, Anjhe Mules, once worked for Alexander McQueen and has a strong design ethos to produce quality, high performance products that respond to the challenges of sport with the strength and grace demanded by the movement.

I love the materials she uses and the blend of art and science stylistically and in prints is what I love most! Her range even includes NASA's Rover prints!

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