01/10/2012 11:19 BST | Updated 28/11/2012 05:12 GMT

T20 World Cup Stutters Into Life

The phrase "damp squib" should be trade marked by the International Cricket Council to describe the first phase of all its tournaments and the current T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka has been no exception. The combination of meaningless or one-sided matches and rain had until Thursday, created a squib so soggy you could wring it out and cause localised flooding.

Now I am blessed to have a degree in that most noble of arts/science (you can choose) Geography. I even reached the heady heights of a second class degree from an ex-polytechnic. This equips me with a magical understanding of the elements - it is monsoon season in Sri Lanka.

Now if the ICC doesn't want to spend 3 years drinking heavily and at 9 hours a week of lectures, they could opt to look in the Lonely Planet to find this out. Or even consider the final of the Champions Trophy in 2002 played at the same time of year which was abandoned after even the reserve day was rained off.

As for one-sided matches, I am all for Ireland, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan playing major tournaments, but if you are filling the calendar with so much cricket that the only window to play a major tournament is the start of the monsoon season, then something is wrong with the amount of cricket being played.

Anyway, we are now in the super 8's phase of the tournament. The first two matches played offered what the format promises: big hitting, close finishes and bowlers tossing down cannon fodder. So far Sri Lanka vs New Zealand produced a tie and the mythical super over, while some explosive hitting from Gayle and Morgan saw it "raining sixes" as the commentators like to say, rather than H2O.

With Australia vs India which tends to be spicy to come, more of the same and less of the rain could give this tournament the impetus needed if the rain stays away.

And finally a footnote to the weather, which even Chris Gayle can't control. Rain in Colombo possible at any time. A bit drier elsewhere, but worsening everywhere on the island as we get into October. Hmmmm.