07/02/2014 07:49 GMT | Updated 08/04/2014 06:59 BST

Strictly Spinalicious or Not!?

Be clean and go green! Is that the only policy?

Spinach & spirulina........Yuck! Really!? or as I would say, 'Yummy' and yes please!

I know its that time of year where you all want to detox and divorce yourself from that lovely extra few pounds which magically happened to take residence on your body whilst you have no idea why it chose 'you'! 

What if I shared that whilst writing this, I'm gorging on a big mouthful of carrot cake washed down with coffee!?

I pride myself on being honest, however, the whole point is that life is all about balance.

Can we be balanced and enjoy the deliciousness of all types of foods without regrets?

Coming from a background where I was constantly battling with my unhealthy relationship with food ( there was no space for any other type of relationship in my life back then ). I have gratefully found a way to enjoy every type of flavor which lands on my taste buds, without having to pull up my old negative beliefs, which denied me permission to enjoy what I felt was 'bad food'.

It feels liberating knowing I can eat everything without the follow up of engaging with the trails of reckless dialogue which always lead me to a cave full of guilt. This cave is where my mind would be bound for hours after eating something which I associated with the bad food label and it would leave me feeling deflated and down.

How did it change?

I rose up to the challenge by listening to the conversations I was creating, whilst realizing it was up to 'me' to change my beliefs I had around food. I started being more kind to myself by choosing to filter and swap the negative thoughts. It certainly was not an over night cure. It was and still is a regular practice which has profoundly, positive results for my emotional well being as well as physically awarding ( no crazy diets ). However the practice does not have a destination, its always about the journey and what I learn on the way, everyday.


Today I invite you to take a few minutes to check in with your inner dialogue and watch what comes up for you when you are in the battle of self analysis and judgement. I know a big subject is 'food' even for both genders, as media portrays perfectionism. Listen and learn about your own belief system around how you use food and see if you too can transform some old habits which are no longer serving you, to more wholesome thoughts which are aimed for your best and highest good!

Good luck and live with greatness! :))

Ladan Soltani- Author of 'fabulous fitness at 40'