13/10/2014 09:49 BST | Updated 11/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Things That Start Happening When You Love Your Job

Label me weird and a bit sad but I do think my job is pretty darn fab. I've identified some worrying consequences though. Do you recognise any of them?

1) I start texting or emailing my colleagues on the weekends and evenings with ideas. Why haven't we thought about doing this? Surely this is something we should be aware of? Was this sent? No, I'm in my early twenties, I should be having fun...

2) I'm happily comfortable with my colleagues and tell them too much about myself. Sometimes when the whole office is quiet I pierce the silence with 'I just want chocolate. All. The. Time' and bury my head in my hands. I have issues with chocolate, and now the whole office knows. Also, I am fairly sure your desktop background of Ronald Reagan on a dinosaur has concerned my Director.

3) I can see myself being there for a long time so sign up for everything. Everything. I thought everyone would want Fire Marshal training. Nope, just me. I currently have ambitions to join the Values Team and am busy collecting funds for a knitted Nativity for this Christmas. Too excited. Currently, only Mary's knees are done. December is approaching, the stress of not knowing if it will be finished on time is a heavy burden.

4) Where does the time go?! No clock watching. It's time for the meeting already? Why is it always the end of the day? I really want to get this side project done. I will just take it home with me. Wait, there's no deadline, no-one even knows I'm working on it. Be normal, leave it for the next day...

5) I'm actively learning from my colleagues. Great ideas come from everywhere. My job is varied and fantastic. I work in central London. I'm free to do things that are worthwhile. I really believe in the work of my organisation. i see how we are creating something brilliant. I tell my old colleagues how happy I am. I get to talk to leading journalists. My friends now hate me.

I've had a number of jobs, some I've liked, some I wanted to jump out of the window (one job I worked in a turret so you know that was bad). You know the feeling when you're in the right job. I'm lucky and simply appreciating it. All of the above can stem from any job, you just have to find the one right for you. Of course, it's the people that make it...