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Top Five Most Underrated UK Cities

Britain is full of vibrant beautiful bustling cities. Some are more famously so than others. I wanted to give you a run down of those that surprised me with their awesomeness...

Britain is full of vibrant beautiful bustling cities. Some are more famously so than others. I wanted to give you a run down of those that surprised me with their awesomeness:

5. Sheffield

Sheffield is special in that if you arrive by train you're greeted by a wonderful waterfall just outside the station. Most train station views aren't attractive in my experience so I was impressed.The city is a great mix of hipster cool, fab bars and cafes and general prettiness. It's surprisingly hilly and the grey bricks of the houses are quaint and charming. You can wander into green areas quite quickly and it is probably one of the most inspiring cities in the North. The mix of urban bustle and close rural views giving a country village atmosphere is a rare and perfect combination.

4. Nottingham

I thought Nottingham would be dull and generic. Nope. It's large, elegant and has a lot of great cultural and social hangouts. The Pitcher and Piano in an old church was particular beautiful and surreal. The University of Nottingham's campus surprised me too; it was incredibly green and had a large lake. It felt more like the grounds of a stately home rather than a university. Although I love Birmingham and Leicester, Nottingham probably is the best Midlands city. It's definitely the most underrated.

3. Reading

Reading has a reputation for being boring. As my home town I'm bound to stand up for it and Reading is a lot better than you think. Of course we've got Reading Festival and Kate Winslet, Ricky Gervais and Natalie Dormer are from here so it's a springboard for great things and a hub for creative talent. The Riverside is a great social area and I firmly believe any great city should have a river running through it. A lot of the old architecture is impressive and the Town Hall and Waterstones are gorgeous buildings. Forbury Gardens is beautiful and perfect for picnics with friends. I love Reading. It's cosy but cool.

2. Liverpool

I love Liverpool and I think it's one of the most impressive cities in the UK. The layout of the city is gorgeous. The docks are amazing and I loved the strong feature of water in the city. The Tate Liverpool and Albert Dock are wonderful places for some culture and lunch. The Beatles Museum and Cavern Club shows the city's rich musical heritage and the main shopping streets are incredibly stylish. There are plenty of kooky bars and clubs and the ultra modern Catholic Church makes for an experience. Everything was remarkably clean and white. I truly am jealous of anyone who calls Liverpool home.

1. Glasgow

Glasgow was not what I expected. I expected grey. Although the clouds are often this colour the city isn't at all. Glasgow is huge. The focus is always on Edinburgh in Scotland but Glasgow has a rich heritage. The museums are wonderful, the University of Glasgow is gorgeous and the student areas are picturesque and hipsterish. A lot of the buildings are impressively large, you feel as if you're in London or New York. People are friendly and many Glaswegians helped me find a place that would do a deep-fried Mars bar. Do try it once. The streets and squares are pretty and full of fashionable locals and the architecture is astonishingly beautiful. I wasn't expecting much when I went to Glasgow but what I found was truly impressive. I would strongly recommend anyone to visit.