Can a Malfunctioning Ileo-Cecal Valve Cause IBS?

I specialise in bowels. That always gets an odd look or a nervous laugh. What do you say to a woman who works with poo?

When I first introduce myself and my line of work I usually get strange looks. Firstly because people don't know what I do - Systematic Kinesiology is virtually unknown in this country, my Dad checked the English dictionary and its not even in there.

Secondly I specialise in bowels. That always gets an odd look or a nervous laugh. What do you say to a woman who works with poo?

But heres the thing with health. If your digestion isn't functioning properly then everything else in the body will struggle. Its why I specialise in this field, because improving the digestion has such a dramatic impact on peoples wellbeing.

One of the biggest issues I see in the clinic is an ileo-cecal valve malfunction.

The ileo-cecal valve is positioned in between your belly button and your right hip bone. If you have pain there it is likely your ICV isn't working properly. This valve is the connection between the small intestine and the large intestine or in other words it's the doorway between the dining room and the bathroom. It does actually act like a doorway, opening when waste is ready to enter the large intestine, closing when it's done.

If we are stressed or eating the wrong food, this doorway can get stuck closed or remain open resulting in the small intestine reabsorbing the waste that should be in the large intestine. This can result in a multitude of symptoms - exhaustion, joint pain, wind, bloating, constipation, IBS, Crohns Disease, bad breath, hormonal imbalances, shoulder pain, pelvic pain, back pain, tinnitus, headaches, bad skin, the list is endless.

As a Kinesiologist if I find someone with an ileo-cecal issue I will correct it using a number of techniques. I work with herbs, vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins that will strengthen the bowel, an IBS sufferer will need 40% more protein. I look at food sensitivity testing to see which foods are weakening and which foods are supporting the digestion to create a tailored diet plan. I also work with acupuncture points and use a physical massage technique for correcting the valve itself. And the results have been incredible.

If you suffer with IBS symptoms, here are my three top tips for supporting your digestion;

  1. Number 1, water water water. Dehydration is responsible for many digestive problems.
  2. Number 2 - up your fibre! We need 35-50 grams a day. When I say fibre I mean steamed vegetables and wholegrains. I don't mean wheat. Because of the way modern wheat is processed, it scratches the bowel, depletes the body of nutrients and the high gluten sticks to the lining making it difficult to excrete. If the ICV isn't working properly it will struggle with raw foods. If you find fruit bloats you out or your symptoms worsen, your ICV could be the cause.
  3. And number 3, make sure you're consuming oils. Flaxseed, hemp or olive in their rawest form. Oils act like lube in the bowel and keeps everything moving. I'll stop there.

Do you suffer with IBS? If yes, what improves your symptoms?