17/11/2014 09:52 GMT | Updated 15/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Fashion Trends That Make Everyone Inexplicably Angry

People seem to get pretty angry about clothes. Did you know there are whole threads on online forums about people's irrational hatred of certain trends? If you're ever feeling miserable, a quick read through these is guaranteed to make you laugh. My favourite mini rants are documented here under 'People wear things and I don't like them'.

Jelly shoes. People really, really hate jelly shoes. I heard someone once say that they actually made them 'angry'. How could anyone hate some glittery plastic on someone else's feet? The only explanation for this is that when Jelly-Shoe-Hater was six they wore them to the beach and lost one in the sea - and now every time they see one it reminds them of Traumatic Bad Times.

Number two: moustache-patterned things. Socks, t-shirts, coffee flasks - you name it. Apparently the moustache has been added to the archive of Offensive Symbols, so if it's got a facial hair motif on it, you'd better re-think your outfit.

Culprit number three: flower headbands. Usually despised by the males of the earth around festival season, this hatred is often accompanied by a mention of 'short shorts' and Instagram. For something so pretty, festival attire gets a lot of hate (also directed, more often than not, at the girls that wear the clothes. Cough sexism cough). Music festivals are supposed to be chilling out and getting drunk, not hating on girls wearing shorts. Like, do you really have that many feelings about a bit of denim?

The 'go to the cinema and take the lenses out of them' 3-D Glasses. This was pretty popular around 2009 after Taylor Swift wore them in that music video - but every now and then they creep back into outfits. What's the recipe for the angriest response from an onlooker, you say? Pair them with a bow tie, some braces and a satchel and you've got a winner.

Next up we have Birkenstocks, competing against the jelly shoes in the 'most-hated footwear of 2014' awards. Complaints usually follow a similar pattern of 'they're ugly', something about wearing them with socks and probably a mention of 'hipster'. But, much like our beloved 'fashionably ugly' jumpers, Birkenstocks have joined the 'previously uncool, but now worn by every Vogue model' club. Conclusion: footwear that looks very comfortable makes people very angry.