15/04/2013 15:32 BST | Updated 13/06/2013 06:12 BST

Why The Kardashians Should Be Nothing But an Inspiration


I've followed the Kardashians television shows and business ventures since the beginning of their rise to fame (not because of their celebrity status, as I have enough celebrity friends for that to just not wash with me); but because I see the entire family as a source of inspiration and excellent role models.

Those of you who believe all the media spin that the family 'do nothing' and are 'just famous for the sake of being famous', will be shaking their heads at this; but truly, if you want to learn about family values and how to be a successful entrepreneur; look no further than the Kardashian family. It angers me that little is written about the good that they do, and the self-made successes they are. It seems to be the fashion amongst the press to drag them down. Is it out of jealousy?

Why we should admire the Kardashian family, and use them as a source of inspiration:

1) In this day and age, there are hardly any families still as close as the Kardashians are. Family comes first with them. They look out for each other, and for their friends.

2) The Kardashians are an excellent example of what hard word really is. Kris Jenner has worked tirelessly for years managing her children's careers; and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have successfully launched so many high profit businesses of their own. Believe me, everything the Kardashians do is work- attending events and parties is not just for the fun of it. Being a Kardashian is a full-time job. They have worked hard for what they have, and they deserve it.

3) None of them take what they have for granted. They know the value of hard work. They are down to earth, and willing to help and offer support to those less fortunate. Some of the help they have given the homeless, and the victims of Huricane Katrina is inspirational.

4) They handle a daily deluge of abuse, and manage to cope with it and continue with their lives. How many of us could do that?

The media needs to concentrate more on these things rather than just lazily commenting daily on Khloe Kardashian's size (which is gorgeous by the way), or Kim Kardashian's short marriage (don't we all make mistakes?). If we followed the example of the Kardashians more, we would have stronger family units, thriving businesses and a lot more financial security.

Now another little baby Kardashian is on the way; and there is no more loving and united a family for it to be born into.

Photo Credit: E! Entertainment