10/06/2013 07:17 BST | Updated 07/08/2013 06:12 BST

Fresh Starts

Whenever one episode comes to its end, we wonder whether or not we used it right, miss the things we did not get to do and gain energy and enthusiasm for the up-comming challenges.

Being thoughtful does not hurt at this point; neither to reflect on the things we want to do with our life and how to get closer to that goal within the starting episode. Refocusing on the important things, crossing out the unnecessary for the future and concentrating on further achievements.

At new beginnings, the flow of creativity, ideas and cravings is set free. That energy is to be used for productivity and taking on chances without ambition and pressure. Usually, that is the time where in good things come (at least) in threes.

Starting "over" and entering a completely new environment gives one the opportunity to find himself again, center and express unexplored characteristics of oneself, that have been suppressed by the expectations of the ones we surround ourselves with. Such new beginnings are the greatest chance to change our attitude, grow personally and with that to come up with the confidence inside ourself, that has been relocked in by the situation we were experiencing.

It is something to look forward to, not to depend on others and to integrate into a whole new situation. That challenge does not feel like a challenge at this point, since the excitement of something foreign overshadows and distinguishes insecurity, doubts and other disturbing emotions, that prevent us from experiencing.

Where there is a new surrounding, there are no expectations, neither from oneself, nor from the environment. Being complimented for things that we never thought were a strength of ourself seem surprising then. But they just have not been able to appear in the former situation, even thou the potential was there. That is why reflection takes place when no evaluation from the outside affects us. Which does not mean, that one can only reflect and explore his potential when no one knows him, but for the process of learning not to be affected by other opinions and not to let others put us in a certain cliché/box, then being on your own for a while is a great way to find out.

Letting go of self-manifestation and feeling pressured into doing things, just because they are what you got to do, is the key to a natural, real and confident attitude.

Ever wondered why the people we are closest with love us the most? No, it is not because they see all the great characteristics in us. It is because we let go of a frame to move in, because we let out the potential that is deep-down inside us and because we display the good and the bad sides. Actually, there are not really sides, there is just a whole package. And who wants half of a package? There is nothing wrong with a strong temper. If it is part of us, no one will love us without knowing the display of the temper. The insecurities of ourselves, the way we look right after we got out of bed, the weird phrases we use or the terrible taste we have, are what make us lovable - because they define us and people know what they love.

Understatement is, in my opinion, the greatest characteristic for a reflected person. Because understatement defines the "letting go", it defines the letting go of foreign opinions. As soon as we do not feel the need to display our advantages, we were able to appreciate ourselves and to focus on the things that we really want to do and not the things we do to receive acknowledgement.

All of this seems to be common sense, and it is, but it needs to be out-spoken, in order to be realized.

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