08/02/2017 12:33 GMT | Updated 09/02/2018 05:12 GMT

La La Lab - Sacrifice And Success In Science

*This does contain spoiler alerts!*

If you haven't been to see the glittering La La Land, it's the epitome of Hollywood glamour, bursting full of jazz and whimsical musical storytelling, painted by an alluring love story.

For me, one of the captivating themes from La La Land was the idea that commitment, drive and sacrifice can, rather unfortunately, have damaging results on relationships. This is of course one interpretation of the plot - particularly the melancholy ending - that in life you have to make choices, and those choices shape your future. Sometimes positively, but sometimes negatively.


Credit*: Theatrical release poster: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

This theme certainly doesn't just apply to the seductive world of acting; this also rings true for many fields - in particular the world of science. Success in the workplace does require determination, which in turn sometimes requires the forfeiting of activities in your private life. Personally, I have missed weddings, parties and numerous social occasions in sacrifice of my career.

Working closely with the scientific world has also given me a glimpse into the real-life sacrifices researchers have to make too - swapping Saturday brunch dates for a date in the lab; late night partying, for early morning results collecting.

These endeavours may not bring the riches and fame that being a film star may bring, but the results of these endeavours are contributing to societal change, solving disease and global issues.

It might seem far fetched to compare the backdrop of Hollywood to a laboratory - where our stars would wear white coats and goggles instead of dapper suits, sunglasses and floaty dresses.

Would a film be just as memorable with scientists gliding through beakers and lit Bunsen burners, dancing to hums of the centrifuge and the glorious sounds of experimentation? Perhaps, although imagination is required.

Whether it is the nostalgic glimpse of the past in La La Land, or the forward thinking progress of science, there is a reminder that in all fields dedication and commitment are key ingredients to success - and in order to accomplish this - sacrifices often have to be made.

What have you sacrificed for your career?

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