25/02/2013 08:45 GMT | Updated 26/04/2013 06:12 BST

Haircare Tips for Dazzling Locks


In the modern world, our hair has to cope with much more than it ever has before. When we're not dying it some delicious new colour, we're using curling tongs and hair straighteners to achieve whatever the desired effect. For that reason, it's incredibly important to ensure we're taking steps against the inevitable damage that our hair habits cause us. These three easy steps will help you do just that.

Invest in the right products

There's so much to think about when deciding which haircare products to use. It's important to make sure you're selecting the right ones for you and your hair type. Is your hair coloured? Is it curly or straight? Does it tend to go dry or greasy if left to its own devices? These are all questions to consider when you're selecting shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays and more.

Limit the damage by limiting the cause

Try not to straighten or curl everyday. It'll make you more creative with your hair, and you might just find a style that you hadn't thought about before. Go through brief periods of your natural hair colour occasionally - remind your friends what's underneath all the dye while also letting your hair recover a little. You might even decide to go a colour you weren't thinking about before after a bit of 'natural' perspective on the subject.

Accessorize your way to a new look

There are so many ways to make your hair dazzle and shine these days, and many of these methods require little or no heat treatments or products. Have a think about accessories; there's something for every style and hair type. My new favourite collection is stylish brand Hershesons Hair Accessories who offer a gorgeous range of inspirational somethings.

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