31/03/2013 15:23 BST | Updated 31/05/2013 06:12 BST

Reasons to Holiday in the UK This Year

It's almost the end of March now, and the weather is still freezing cold. For that reason, it might be quite difficult to imagine holidaying in the UK this year, but I have high hopes for the summer - in terms of both weather and activities. While you're snuggling up with your hot water bottle and sipping your cup of tea, have a think about the following reasons to stay in Britain for this year's holiday. The sun will surely be here soon!

Saving money

Holidays abroad are notoriously expensive. On top of the normal holiday costs everyone plans for, it's necessary to think about flights, getting to the airport, international travel insurance, currency commissions and more. It can be much cheaper to holiday in the UK: no need to exchange currency, travel insurance often isn't necessary and the potential for missing flights is very much reduced.

Less stressful travel

Whether you're a lone traveller or have a family of four, going on holiday can certainly be a stressful experience. From airport waiting lounges to seasick children to hours and hours spent travelling to a destination, wouldn't it be nice instead to have a short, relaxed drive or train journey before your holiday begins? If you choose a UK destination for this year's holiday, you can have exactly that. I feel relaxed already!

Domestic beauty

Britain might be incredibly cold at the moment, but that takes nothing away from its undeniable beauty. Our country is stunning and many of us don't take enough time out to explore it. My favourite picks for this year are Lancashire and the Lake District; these gorgeous locations showcase many of the luscious features the UK has to offer. South Lakeland Holidays have the cutest range of cottages and lodges available in both counties.

No language barriers

Everybody is familiar with that awful English-speaker stereotype of shouting at locals in an increasingly loud voice, flapping about and generally making idiots of ourselves. While I'm sure most of us try not to do this when we travel, not being able to speak the local language can put a real downer on your holiday - how are you supposed to find your way and make new friends if you're struggling to communicate on a basic level? If this is something you think might be best avoided this year, add this to your list of reasons to not venture too far away on your hols.

And finally...why not?

Think about your last few holidays abroad. Perhaps a package deal to Spain, Greece or Egypt? A brief weekend stay in an overcrowded European capital? To have a really good time abroad, you need a lot of money, lots of inside tips on things like restaurants and hotels, and patience enough to cope with everything we've already talked about above. To have a really good time in the UK, you can probably find out everything you need by posting on Facebook (friends of friends offer a plethora of knowledge) and book yourself a holiday that truly is a relaxation experience. So why wouldn't you want to give it a go in 2013?