01/07/2016 09:12 BST | Updated 30/06/2017 06:12 BST

It Was England That Was S#*! #MyEuros 11

Are you ready for the quarter finals?

Welcome to my EURO's show!

Poland vs Portugal

Poland took perfect penalties in the last round and Portugal nearly had to do the same as it took the entire ninety minutes plus most of extra time for them to even get a shot on target.

Therefore This game has all the hallmarks of being pretty tight, especially with the likes of Lewandowski and Ronaldo both not having things go their way.

This will either be decided by one goal or it'll go all the way to penalties. After seeing Poland against Switzerland Portugal will hate that.

Ronaldo wouldn't miss a penalty would he?

What's happened to Ronaldo. Can someone please diagnose this situation for me in the comments because I'm all out of reasons. I thought he came back against Hungary then he just melted against Croatia again. He's literally unrecognisable. Something is up!

Wales vs Belgium

Is Eden Hazard back? This wasn't the Belgium we were seeing at the start of the tournament was it?... This is a Belgium that has transformed in the last few weeks.

Flourished within the EURO's. Hazard plus his immense supporting cast could be too much for Bale and his boys this time. But you never know - if Belgium foul anyone within 30 yards of their goal it's game ON!

Germany vs Italy

We saw England play Slovakia and hailed the Slovakian defence as Italy-esque....then we saw Germany play Slovakia. Honestly watching Slovakia crumble at the hands of the Germans was terrifying. It really highlighted what a superior team Germany are and how it probably wasn't an incredible Slovakian defence after all. It was England who were s#£!.

I feel like Germany are cranking up the level here and are going to really test the resilience of this Italian defence.

France vs Iceland

Iceland did it. can you believe it? With their population the size of the London borough of Wandsworth they beat us and made it through to the quarter finals. Legends.

There's a handful of players who are starting to shape this tournament now. And one of them is Antoine Griezeman. My god he's good, like proper good, make the difference, get the goals, game changingly good!

Iceland are going to have a tough time taking him out of the game. But I think their time is up.

In the news today

Penalty shoot outs aside... Mesut Ozil became the first German to miss a penalty in a European Championship game. Combine this with Granit Xhaka's HORRIBLE penalty miss for Switzerland and Arsene Wenger's getting nervous.

It seems like everyone in the Wales squad will miss a wedding if they get through the next round... Joe Ledley will have miss his own ceremony and Chris gunter is going to miss his brother's - he has arranged to make the best man's speech through Skype. I wonder if Ledley could actually get married over Skype?

And there's another video out of Joe Ledley dancing! Ok we all need to stop encouraging Joe Ledley to dance now. The sequence has grown longer the videos online are endless and it's edging towards that fine line of performance art. A little jig of happiness in celebration of a goal is a o k - an entire pre rehearsed dad sequence for laughs and likes is not. It's just getting too much.

In the last round we lost the Irish. It's sad to see them go home. But what a tournament they had. The fans that is, the flags, the songs, the serenades, fixing a Frenchmans car, singing to babies and they just spend the whole time laughing. What a difference to the trouble that marred the beginning of this competition. Bordeaux particularly loved them and it's sad to see them leave. The renamed Irish party tunnel has reopened to traffic and now features a small green clover etched into it's stonework forever.

I'm Done.