23/12/2016 05:41 GMT | Updated 24/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Three People Sit In A Dark Studio, Drinking Port, And Talking About What They Call Their Genitals...


Three people sit in a dark studio, drinking port, and talking about what they call their genitals. One of them calls it their vag, the other their fanny, and the other their dick.

This is Token, the podcast I present with my colleague Freddy McConnel. We just recorded our Christmas special, with guest Mona Chalabi from the Guardian video series Vagina Dispatches. I am a mixed race, Jewish, northern woman, and Fred is a trans, queer white guy from down south. So between us we have a fair bit of experience of being tokens! Normally the episodes focus on gender, identity, race and culture, but this episode was strictly vag.

I approached the Christmas special with a healthy dose of trepidation. Even though we'd spoken about race, dating, and stereotypes before, as a woman it's very hard to openly admit your own sexual - or genital - hangups. And what's hard for me, as a straight cis woman, is even less simple when you are a trans guy.

But getting into the spirit (with the help of some spirits) came naturally. Freddy, Mona and I loosened up to talk about periods, orgasms, vulvas, clitori, bumholes, anally-inserted gerbils, and posh wanks.

We also got pretty personal. As I said in the recording, 'all anyone wants to hear is that they are normal.' If that's you, and you're interested in all things vag, have a listen to the episode and subscribe! It's a two-parter as well, so don't miss the next genital-themed episode...