The Pippa Factor Makes Us All Fall for Her Again...

19/04/2012 10:50 BST | Updated 19/06/2012 10:12 BST

Pippa Middleton seems to be a dichotomy of love and hate - a bit like Marmite. But for those who have fawned after her since THAT big wedding day, the love has just got so much deeper.

Now I'm not justifying hanging out with a replica gun toting male friend, no matter how posh (or fit) he may be. But despite Pippa Middleton's recent antics, there's no denying that the bubbly brunette has brought some serious va va voom to the face of the Royal Family, and not before time.

Being pictured partying in Paris, sexily dressed before seemingly dirty dancing with a French Playboy is all part of the Pippa factor that is one again highlighting her ability to be a character chameleon. Something the world has come to love.

One minute she's minus the make up doing some hardcore charity fundraising, the next is all glam', having a raucous knees up. The best of both worlds!

Some say she tends to look a tad smug. And looking at certain pictures, I'd have to agree. But you have to hand it to her. Whilst her sister Kate plays it very safe, Pippa is the fresh and exciting (all be it extended) Royal family member we've been hoping would liven the scene up for quite some time. And there's something about Pippa that gets to both women and men. She is something of a guilty pleasure. A national treasure in fact. Women secretly aspire to have a bit of the Pippa streak in their own loves whilst men literally go weak at the knees about her girl-next-door image.

So ladies let's admit it. She's possibly the most envied woman of our time. She's smart, sassy, sporty and beautiful. And seems to have that little naughty side we'd all love to have...