23/01/2012 08:12 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 05:12 GMT

The Demise of UK Celebrity Culture: Please Bring Back the Divas!

I've seen all sorts in my time when it comes to real celebrity divas and I'm starting to miss that serious star quality.

From having one well-known American singer spit her chewing gum into my hand during an interview, a supermodel demand I find Odour Eaters for her to wear after a shoot and a blonde famous face beg me to convince her drunken boyfriend to buy her a Bentley (or they were 'overrrr'), there's not much I haven't seen or heard in the weird world of fame.

But when I recently asked a group of teenagers who they think of as 'celebrities,' I felt a sudden plunge of sadness.

'Kerry Katona' said one 16-year-old, 'Frankie Cocozza' said another.

Now I've nothing against either of the aforementioned 'stars', just that it's so strange how reality TV can conjure up so called 'celebs' time and time again.

We're living in a world where we used to have the crème de la crème of talent attend awards shows and premieres, where as now you'll be lucky to see someone famous for 'starring' on a TV competition (Raef Bjayou from The Apprentice anyone?).

I recently had an awkward encounter introducing a well known Hollywood thespian to a former reality TV contestant (and it wasn't Raef, I can safely say!)

'So you act huh?' Mr. A List asked said talent , who was looking at me to salvage the situation.

'He's best known for being on a reality TV show here,' I explained. 'But what's so talented about that?' Mr. Showbiz rightly asked Mr. Lowlister.

'Well we work really hard when we're filming' became D-list Dwayne's* red faced response.

For me, that ridiculous reply not only summed him up but the somewhat scary demise of celebrity culture in the UK. So bring back those A-list demanding divas before 'reality TV stars' lose themselves completely in a world of red carpet mess.

(*fake name - obvs)