11/01/2017 08:34 GMT | Updated 12/01/2018 05:12 GMT

It's A New Year, Try Something New: Seven Foods That Are Worth Travelling For

It is 2017, a new year and a new you ... or so you have told yourself.

The chances are you have already tried and failed at your New Year's resolution by now. Cancel that gym membership, it's just going to waste.

However, it's not too late to redeem yourself. I have realised that I am just fooling myself every New Year's by making resolutions that I don't really want to do, even if it's meant to be good for me. If I don't exercise or stick to a diet at any other time during the year, then a new month really isn't going to make much of a difference.

But I have a solution to your New Year's resolution! Instead of holding onto those empty promises that you foolishly made to yourself at the start of January, choose a resolution that you actually want to do.

I like to travel and I like to try new foods, but I don't do either of those things nearly as much as I would like. So my New Year's resolution for this year is to travel more and eat more!

One of the best things about travelling is experiencing another culture, and what better way to connect with the local culture than with food?

Food is so much more than just something to fill your hungry stomach, it can connect people from two different cultures in ways that language cannot. As Deborah Cater says, "You have to taste a culture to understand it.".

So instead of going on holiday and searching for the nearest chippy, how about challenging yourself to try these new foods that you can't find back home?

1. Chilli Crab (Singapore)

A popular seafood dish of crab coated in a sweet and savoury tomato chilli sauce! Other varieties include salted egg crab (non-spicy) and black pepper crab (slightly spicier). This delicious dish is very poplar among tourists in Singapore, but is also a beloved local cuisine.

2. Beef Tagine (Morocco)

A staple of Moroccan cuisine, the beef tagine is cooked with an array of spices and dried apricots that give it a distinct flavour. It makes for the perfect family meal, and no meal in Morocco is complete without round bread!

3. Poutine (Canada)

Chips. Cheese. Gravy. What more needs to be said?

4. Feijoada (Brazil)

A beef or pork stew served with black beans that is hearty enough to satisfy your stomach. You can also enjoy adapted versions of Feijoada in Portugal, Mozambique and Angola.

5. Sausages (Iceland)

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is a popular hot dog stand in Reykjavík that serve sausages made with native Icelandic lamb. Some people say they're the best hot dogs in the world! As they are extremely popular, the queue is long, but you can enjoy the beautiful Icelandic landscapes while you wait.

6. Masala Dosa (India)

While you may be able to find Masala Dosa at your favourite Indian takeaway, it tastes even better when you're actually in India! These rice and lentil pancakes are stuffed with deliciously seasoned potatoes that will have you grabbing for more.

7. Cendol (Malaysia)

For those with a sweet tooth, Malaysia has the perfect refreshing dessert for the end of any meal. Cendol is made with coconut milk, rice flour jelly, shaved ice and palm sugar. There are also different variations which can be found in other countries across South-East Asia which are just as tasty!

There are plenty more foods in the world that are waiting to be eaten, but if any of these foods have inspired your next holiday destination, make sure you are aware of the local laws and customs of the country (including food etiquette). Travel advice for individual countries can be found on the FCO's Travel advice page. The FCO also have useful checklists on information including insurance, visa's and vaccinations to ensure that you are #TravelAware. Make sure to follow the FCO on Twitter @FCOTravel and like them on Facebook for all the latest travel news!