10/04/2015 06:33 BST | Updated 09/06/2015 06:59 BST

On the Campaign Trail in the UK's First Green Constituency

Over the Easter Weekend, the Scottish Young Greens headed to Brighton to help get Caroline Lucas re-elected as their Member of Parliament. Caroline was the first Green Member of Parliament - elected in the 2010 election - after being a member of European Parliament prior to this. Hopefully she's not the last; other constituencies including Norwich South and Bristol West also have a real chance of going Green!

We set off from Glasgow on an eleven hour bus trip to Brighton - I meet the other passionate Young Greens who are also giving up their long weekend to embark upon this journey. Everyone knows how important it is to have that distinctly green voice which speaks for so many at the very least. I'm absolutely shattered from meeting Alex Salmond the night before at his book signing in St Andrews, so it's a relief when we finally arrive in Brighton.

I'm struck firstly by how warm it is in Brighton so late at night, and then by the number of bike racks. In St Andrews, cycling is commonplace, but Brighton has wiped the floor with it. The streets are filled with party-goers and bars are full of people having a good time.

We meet Adam, Caroline's campaign manager, who briefly goes through the itinerary for the weekend (we'll be canvassing Brighton's toughest ward) - then, we head for one of the local pubs. As I catch my first glimpses of Brighton, I see many window stickers with "Re-elect Caroline Lucas" printed on them - the ubiquity of them bears a parallel with Yes merchandise a few months before the referendum.

The next day, we begin canvassing. We were briefed that Patcham - the ward in which we were canvassing - is a stronger area for the Tories and UKIP. This is an alien concept for us Scots - Scotland is practically out of bounds for both of these parties. Nevertheless, even here, despite some issues being raised with regards to the council in this area which has undeniably faced teething problems as Britain's first Green council, a number of people plan to vote Green. Many people tell me they are voting Green because they feel that they cannot allow Labour a majority in the House of Commons. They are not credible on key issues: the economy, the NHS and the environment for example. The Greens can hold Labour to account if Caroline Lucas is re-elected.

On the Sunday, we continue to speak to people on the doorsteps. We are in wards where Greens perform better and get very positive results. Caroline is extremely popular here. People respect what she has done in Parliament - and they are proud that she was voted MP of the year 2014. People are receptive to the alternative method that the Greens are proposing.

As we leave Brighton we reflect on our trip. We've had a positive response overall but we know it's going to be close. All over Britain, there are seats so close that your vote really matters. A few votes could change the person who represents your area in Westminster.

Please vote on the 7 May (particularly if you're leaning Green!). If you haven't received a polling card by now, you may not be registered. If this is the case, please go to